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"LRT Sports not only gave us pertinent information into the recruiting process with different interviews of coaches and players, it also gave us insight into current and/or former players' opinions on the coach of that school in her sport. We could use this information to re-prioritize my daughters list of schools based on this feedback. I have many friends that are, or will be, going through this process shortly and I highly recommend using LRT Sports as part of anyone's recruiting process."

Matt Crosson

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Weekly E-Newsletter to Stay Up-To-Date with College Athletics
View College Coaches Ratings & School Profiles
Access to the Huddle
College Acceptance Calculator
College Tracking Portal Restricted Access Full Access Full Access
Save Coach, School, and Huddle Articles Maximum 3 Saves of each Unlimited Saves Unlimited Saves
Save Private Notes on Saved Coaches and Schools
Side by Side Coach Comparisons
Notification of New Coach Ratings for Coaches You Saved
Access to All Past LRT Sports Webinars
Can Attend Future Solo LRT Sports' Workshops at no Additional Cost
FA(r)Q Answered by Current and Former Athletes, Parents, and Coaches
Access Exclusive Content: Beyond the Huddle
Downloadable Worksheets to Assist in the Recruitment Process
Individualized College Recommendation Assessment
Sports Specific Recruiting Toolkits
Emails and phone numbers of all college head coaches
Access to all WalkOn Nation content
WalkOn Nation interactive 1-hour workshops
Exclusive early access and participation in our WalkOn Mentality Podcast
Access to WalkOn Nation portal where you receive catered advice and perspective
Advice and access to the founders of WalkOn Nation - 2 former UCF football players

Upgrade My Locker's Capacity

Have all the resources; coach ratings, schools, Huddle articles and access to webinars, and Frequently Asked Recruiting Questions — in your LRT Sports' locker.

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Access To Exclusive Content

Go beyond the Huddle articles and gain even more insight about everyone involved in the recruitment process beyond the athlete themselves.

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Use LRT Sports' Unique Resources

Use our exclusive tools to better understand the recruiting process — access to LRT Sports' College Tracking Portal, receive notifications of New Coach Ratings, utilize your sport's Recruiting Toolkit, and more.

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  • Frequently Asked Recruiting Questions
  • Answers directly from current and former student-athletes, their parents, and college coaches.
Unlimited Saves for Coaches, Schools, & Huddle Articles
  • Able to take notes and reference them for your personal use.
  • Able to compare coaches and schools side by side.
Downloadables that Help Navigate the Recruiting Process
  • Such as a College Report Card and Coaches Recruiting Board.
Access to All Webinars LRT Sports Have Done
  • You will also have access to any future solo LRT Sport workshop at no additional cost.
Go Beyond the Huddle
  • You will be able to gain access to deeper Understanding of College Athletics beyond what the Huddle covers.
Topics Include:
  • Travel recommendations for your college visits
  • Interviews with actual college admissions officials
  • Struggles of being a college athlete
    • balancing priorities
    • managing expectations
    • mental health
  • Strategies on how to be a successful college athlete
  • More Recruiting Horror Stories
Weekly E-Newsletter to Stay Up-To-Date with College Athletics
  • Curated e-newsletter that highlights the big news in the college athletic world.
Notification of New Coach Ratings for Coaches You Saved
  • The more knowledge, you have the more power. So, we notify you whenever a coach you have saved has received a new rating.
Sports Specific Toolkits
  • Currently working on creating sport specific recruiting packets that will be your one stop hub for information.
LRT Sports' Assessment Tools
  • Individualized College Recommendations Quiz
  • Access to LRT Sports' College Tracking Portal
  • College Admissions Acceptance Calculator

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Perfect for the student-athlete who is unsure if they want to compete in college.


Perfect for the student-athlete who wants to compete in college and dive into the recruiting process.

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Perfect for the student-athlete who wants to compete in college and dive into the recruiting process, as well as understand their identity as an athlete. You will have direct access to the founders of WalkOn Nation, who played football at UCF and earned 6 championship rings combined.

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