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Understanding College Athletics

About us

Who we are

Our mission is to educate on the recruiting process and college athletics through first-hand information and experiences. Some topics we cover include; mental health, injuries, sportsmanship, how to deal with coaches, redshirting, when to contact coaches, NCAA rules and regulations and all things college sports. This year we provided you with advice from head coaches, pro athletes, Olympians, and other former college athletes on what it takes to be successful on and off the field. We also help guide and educate high school student-athletes on step-by-step details of the college recruiting process. Our free database contains thousands of college coach ratings and reviews, providing first-hand accounts of coaches, schools, and programs that cannot be found anywhere else.

Our Values

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Selecting a college athletics program to join for the next 4 years is a huge choice. Like any other big decision, it is best to do extensive research and utilize any and all resources at your disposal. We’ve done our best to bring as much first-hand information as possible to the table to help enable you to make the best decision for you.

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Take a look into what current and former athletes have said about their collegiate experiences: the good, the bad, and everything in between. The goal is to give you an open and honest look into the world of college athletics from the viewpoint of those who know it best, the student-athletes themselves.

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Find out the truth about what the expectations are on and off the field.

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Identify which universities and coaches best align with your goals. How much are you willing to commit to make a goal become a reality?

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Comparing head coaches is a must; it is critical that you know who you will be playing for. We provide the ability to compare and contrast coaches, giving you a quick and easy way to see how different qualities stack up.

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We give you knowledge through education.

Meet the Team

Keirsten Sires

founder & ceo

Keirsten is the founder and CEO of LRT Sports. On top of that, she is a writer for The Huddle. Being the Chief Executive Officer of LRT Sports means that Keirsten is the one held accountable for the success of the company’s efforts, across the board. She is also our Chief Amusement Officer; she promotes laughter in our business, eye roll. Playing varsity tennis and soccer for Skidmore College in New York has given her the endurance to be able to push the company to the next level day in and day out.

Tara Sires


Tara Sires is the COO of LRT Sports and is just here so she won’t get fined. She also runs our amazing remote internship program and is the Editor in Chief for The Huddle. Yeah, she played volleyball back in the day, so what?

Paul Stengel


Paul Stengel is the Chief Technology Officer at LRT Sports. While others were playing sports and going through the college recruiting process, Paul had his head buried in Linux servers and computer code. He has been in the web hosting business for the last 13+ years and currently heads all things technical at LRT Sports.

Kristina Henry

Vice President of Marketing and Social Media

Kristina Henry is our Vice President of Marketing and Social Media, where she is responsible for running and maintaining LRT Sports' social media advertisements as well as daily management of our social pages. She has also taken on the responsibility for discovering new ways to generate better online traffic for our website. Kristina is an upbeat individual who is a proud Franklin & Marshall College and F&M Basketball team alumnae who loves hiking with her Red Fox Lab, Buoy, or binge-watching the top shows on Netflix. Kristina has recently completed her Master’s in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University.

Bryan Sosoo

Vice President of Business Development

Bryan Sosoo is our Vice President of Business Development and writer for The Huddle. He has worked his way up the depth charts of LRT Sports, where he started as an intern. He is currently a graduate student finishing up his MBA at Monmouth University, where he spent his time racing against the clock and playing in sand.

Katie Mckeown

Business Development Associate

Katie Mckeown is an LRT Sports Business Development Associate, Brand Ambassador Manager, and our Pinterest Manager. She is quiet but deadly when it comes to the workplace. She is currently a student at Michigan State University who is studying Kinesiology with a specialization in Sports Management.

Caelyn Elwin

Media Relations Coordinator

Caelyn Elwin is our Media Relations Coordinator. She focuses on features, stories, and fresh new media projects involving LRT Sports and Keirsten Sires. She is currently a student at Georgia State University, studying Public Relations with a minor in Spanish. ¡Ella es el bomba! After being an East Carolina athlete, Caelyn gets her cardio in with long runs to the dog park with her Rottweiler, Murphy.

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