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Understanding College Athletics

About us

Who we are

LRT Sports is the leading company in college coach ratings. Our full database of coach ratings and reviews provide first-hand experiences from current and former student-athletes. Founded in 2014, LRT Sports stays ahead of the game by helping athletes and their families with Understanding College Athletics™ by offering virtual workshops, coach ratings, JV and Varsity Memberships, recruiting, and wellness information from head coaches, Olympians, pro athletes, and current and former athletes. By using our online tools, you will be empowered through education to start your recruiting process.

Our Values

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Knowledge is power! It’s our job to help athletes with Understanding College Athletics™. We will help to educate you on NCAA rules, the recruiting processes, academic guidelines, scholarships, what college coaches are looking for, and wellness for all athletes. You will receive advice from coaches, professional athletes, parents, current and former college athletes, and even Olympians. Our Huddle articles will keep you well informed.

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Our full database of coach rating reviews come from current and former athletes. The athlete’s direct experiences with college coaches will help the next generation of student-athletes have some information about the college coaches and who they potentially could be playing for.

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For many families, the most challenging part of the recruiting process is understanding how college coaches recruit and evaluate, as well as what draws each coach to the student-athletes that interest them. To better explain the college recruiting process, it’s helpful to look at it from a coach’s perspective. Our Huddle informational interviews on the recruiting process come from the head coaches themselves. They will explain what they are looking for.

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Identify which schools and coaches best align with your goals. How much are you willing to commit to making a goal become a reality?

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Our full database of coach ratings, campus tours, and head coach interviews allow you to compare and contrast coaches and colleges.

Meet the Team

Keirsten Sires

founder & ceo

Keirsten is the founder and CEO of LRT Sports. She also helps all athletes with Understanding College Athletes™ by writing for the Huddle. Being the Chief Executive Officer of LRT Sports means that Keirsten is the one held accountable for the success of the company’s efforts, across the board. Playing varsity tennis and soccer for Skidmore College in New York has given her the endurance to be able to push the company to the next level day in and day out. Keirsten has also completed the Harvard Business Analytics Program, which has taken her data analytics skills to the next level.

Paul Stengel


Paul Stengel is the Chief Technology Officer at LRT Sports. While others were playing sports and going through the college recruiting process, Paul had his head buried in Linux servers and computer code. He has been in the web hosting business for the last 13+ years and currently heads all things technical at LRT Sports.

Caelyn Elwin

Director of Marketing & Communications

Caelyn Elwin is our Media Relations Coordinator. She focuses on features, stories, and fresh new media projects involving LRT Sports and Keirsten Sires. She is currently a student at Georgia State University, studying Public Relations with a minor in Spanish. ¡Ella es la bomba! After being an East Carolina athlete, Caelyn gets her cardio in with long runs to the dog park with her Rottweiler, Murphy.

Caroline Kurdej


Caroline Kurdej is the Editor for LRT Sports. Her background as a former college runner taught her the importance of patience and diligence, both in the training for track and in the writing process. Caroline is a current graduate student at Northwestern University, pursuing sports journalism.

Katie Lever

Freelance Writer

Katie Lever is a former Division 1 runner who never wants to run another 10k again. Instead, she spends her time lifting weights in CrossFit gyms and studying NCAA discourse as a PhD student at the University of Texas at Austin. She also works as a freelance writer for LRT Sports in hopes of helping future college athletes navigate the NCAA.

Melvin Briggs II

Business Development Associate

A retired football player and graduate of Oberlin College, Melvin Briggs II now enjoys sipping sweet tea and relaxing with his dog, Gucci, in the comfort of his hometown, Apex, North Carolina. When he wasn't leading the Yeoman in the run game at running back, he studied psychology and was an undergraduate research fellow. Melvin has also traveled to Latin America to experience medical shadowing to improve his Spanish. After serving two years on the Student Senate, it encouraged him to explore mental health topics in athletics and social justice. He now spends his time organizing our HBCU initiatives and providing aid to our mental health work.

Hannah Lee

Business Development Associate

Hannah Lee is one of our Business Development Associates. She focuses on partner relations, coordinating marketing and networking events, and promoting the company’s mission. She is a current student-athlete playing collegiate soccer for Ashland University while completing her B.S. in Marketing. A Cleveland Browns fan at heart, Hannah watches every Sunday and is patiently waiting for their Super Bowl debut.

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