DIII Redshirt
Redshirt Experiences for Division III Athletes

By Thomas Holley|January 20, 2022

Most college athletes expect to get playing time right off the bat. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. At the Division I level, first-year athletes who will not compete...

Water Polo Recruiting: Important Dates
7 College Water Polo Recruiting Questions, Answered

By Heidi Ritner|January 20, 2022

Student-athletes can begin preparing for the recruiting process as early as 8th grade, from early recruiting to National Signing Day. No matter when you start, you’re bound to have questions...

Fueling for Performance
Overnight Oats Hack for Athletes in a Hurry

By Jaime Evers|January 19, 2022

Are you winding down for bed, only to realize you forgot to go grocery shopping and have nothing to make for breakfast before or after practice tomorrow? Worry no more!...

College vs High School Sports
Running in College vs High School

By Alexis Jones|January 19, 2022

Congrats! You’ve committed to a college track and cross country team!  So, what’s next? You will probably receive a summer mileage chart to complete before Fall season, and it probably...

Softball Recruiting
3 Ways to Become the Best Softball Utility Player

By Madison Machado|January 19, 2022

A utility player is a softball player who may not have the offensive abilities to justify a regular starting position, but is capable of playing more than one defensive position....

Different Divisions
Athletic Scholarships by Division

By LRT Sports Staff|January 19, 2022

Just about every athlete aiming to play in college has the opportunity – or the goal – to get an athletic scholarship. Barring NCAA Division III schools, which only distribute...

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