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Are Disparities of Recruiting During Covid-19 Affecting Athletes?

Imagine this. You are nearing the end of junior year with the optimistic mindset that in the coming fall, you’ll soon be officially committed to attend your dream school with a scholarship to play the sport you love. Then, as talk of the “novel coronavirus” gains traction over weeks then months, these goals merely seem

April 15, 2021 Jordan Alcon

An Athletes Sexual Assault Story and How She is Surviving It

Molly Little—a current graduate student at the University of Denver (DU), lacrosse player, team captain, and sexual assault victim. Her story is one of perseverance. As a lacrosse player, she initially transferred to DU after spending her first year at the University of Vermont. Now #18 and a defender for the team, Molly’s career accomplishments

April 12, 2021

What is the NCAA Doing in the Supreme Court? The Basics of NCAA v. Alston

What is the case about and why is it in the news? NCAA v. Alston is not about name, image, and likeness (NIL) rights, athletic compensation, or athletic employment. The case questions whether or not the NCAA’s capping of educationally-related benefits is a violation of antitrust laws. These laws exist to prevent businesses from engaging

April 5, 2021

NCAA Rules for Protecting Student-Athlete’s Eligibility While Raising funds for Social Justice

With the current pandemic and social climate, there is a call on student-athletes to use their platform to raise awareness and funds. And as groups like Athletes for Change. There are some rules that you should be aware of to maintain your eligibility.  One:  Money raised must go directly to a charity. Two: You may

April 1, 2021

DI Rower and How Her World Stood Still Due to the Pandemic

As a Division 1 rower for the George Washington University, I can remember the day my rowing world stood still. On March 12, 2020, the NCAA canceled all spring championships, followed that afternoon by GW’s conference, the Atlantic 10, announcing our conference championship’s cancellation. My team huddled together that night, desperately searching for the words

March 29, 2021

UNC Women’s Soccer Athlete, Julia Dorsey, Talks About What It’s Like to Compete for a Legendary Coach Anson Dorrance

The 5-foot 7-inch defender from Baltimore, Maryland, had a great first season with the University of North Carolina Women’s Soccer team. Playing 27 games and starting 18, she was a dominant competitor as only a rising sophomore. Dorsey attended UNC with a lacrosse scholarship but impressed the soccer coaches at one of their ID Camps.

March 25, 2021

What is Going on in Women’s NCAA Sports Right Now?

The NCAA has been under quite a bit of fire for the past few days, and for good reason.  I’m sure you’ve heard the news—before Dick’s Sporting Goods donated a bunch of equipment to women’s basketball players competing in March Madness, the tournament looked like a train wreck. From disparities in swag bags to lower-quality

March 22, 2021