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The huddle

NCAA Men’s Basketball Rule Change | Improving Draft Potential and Casting a Safety Net for Fringe Prospects

With the NBA draft coming up, it’s crucial to distinguish rule changes made by the NCAA late last year that will have key implications for current prospects. Specifically, college student-athletes will have more flexibility and options given to them regarding exploring the draft and returning to college.  According to the NCAA, “college basketball players can

July 22, 2019 Nikhil Patel

Former Stanford Tennis Standout Ricky Becker Interview

Ricky Becker is a standout tennis player from Long Island who went on to achieve excellence in collegiate tennis at Stanford University before giving it a try in the pros. Ricky was consistently ranked in the top five in the country in USTA tennis throughout the junior age groups. At Stanford, Ricky found himself ranked

July 18, 2019

Coach DeLano Offers Advice on Concussions in Youth Sports

Brain injury, safety, and prevention are on everyone’s minds, especially if you are playing a contact sport. Traumatic brain injuries should be taken seriously because they can affect the rest of your life. It is estimated that there are about 3.8 million concussions that occur into the U.S. These concussions happen per year during competitive

July 17, 2019

What Do College Coaches Look For in Recruits?

Coaches have different teaching styles, but for the most part, toughness, competitiveness, playing hard, skill set, attitude, and basketball IQ are all important. We all know you need to be a skilled player to be able to grace the college basketball courts, so work hard on these skills. We spoke with Coach Jenna Eckleberry, who

July 16, 2019

Life After College Athletics | The Workforce

My name is Tom O’Brien, and I played DI tennis at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. This is my story and my advice for life after college athletics.  It’s match point in one of the biggest games in my tennis career; coaches from top colleges are present, dad is pacing back and forth, mom sitting in

July 15, 2019

College Recruiting Advice to Parents from Parents

The college recruiting process can be fun for the whole family as long as you start early. Starting early can relieve a lot of stress for the athlete as well as for the parents. Start early, read up on the process, and set boundaries between the parents and the athlete. You can have a stress

July 13, 2019

Student-Athletes and the Risk of Suicide

Each year 1,000 college students commit suicide, making suicide the second leading cause of death for college students. Add on the additional stressors and responsibilities, and you have a mental health nightmare. If we expect our student-athletes to be able to thrive in both their academic and athletic sectors, we have to provide them with

July 11, 2019