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Why It’s Not the End of the World to Start Recruiting Late

Many people assume that if you are not committed to a school by the time you start senior year, you will not be able to play at the Division I level. Many others also believe that if you don’t start recruiting freshman year – 7th grade even – you might as well not try.

These are common assumptions, but they are not true in all cases. Although a large number of college coaches do close their recruiting classes by the end of junior year, there is also a large number of college coaches who are always open to adding more talent to their rosters. 

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Late recruiting at the Division I level is not a bad thing, but it can definitely be trickier than starting early. 

Don’t be Phased by a “No”

If you are still in the early stages of the recruiting process as a senior, you are likely going to be reaching out to coaches via email or phone and expressing your interest in their school and athletic program. 

Many of these coaches will have completely closed their recruiting classes by then, so they will not have any interest in adding you to their roster. Don’t be phased by a “no”! This does not necessarily mean that they do not think you are a great athlete, student, or person. Usually this is just because they really cannot add more to their roster. 

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No matter how many “no”s you get, don’t stop trying. You will eventually find a coach who is a great fit and who still has some roster spots available. Even the LRT Sports staff has multiple athletes who started their recruiting process very late and still competed in college!

It can absolutely be frustrating to still be going through the recruiting process when many athletes have already committed, but stay patient and the right school will come around. You will have to contact many more coaches, and you might have to do some extra work to grab their attention and to sell yourself to them, but this extra work will pay off in the end.

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