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May 20, 2019

University of Pennsylvania & Roanoke College Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach Advice

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Coach Mike Murphy is the head Men’s Lacrosse Coach for the University of Pennsylvania. He led his team to two NCAA Championship appearances, in 2011 and 2014. In the 2014 NCAA Championship they were the fourth seed. Coach Murphy team also made the postseason Ivy League Tourney six of the last eight years, not a bad record if I do say so myself.


Coach Bill Pilat has been at the helm of the Roanoke Men’s Lacrosse team for over 30 years. This well respected coach has had over 340 career wins and is the best in the history of the ODAC with a 70 percent win record. Another  big accomplishment for Coach Pilat is that he has 19 consecutive winning seasons under his belt, all while holding the school record of 13 consecutive with 10 or more wins.


LRT Sports: What is the most important quality you look for in a recruit?

UPenn, Coach Murphy – Character.

Roanoke, Coach Pilat – Hard-working in school and on the field.

LRT Sports: What is the best way for a recruit to get on your radar?

UPenn, Coach Murphy – Become great.

Roanoke, Coach Pilat – Play at one of the events we sponsor.

LRT Sports: When should an athlete contact you, what is the best way? (age, grade, time of year, email, phone, or other)

UPenn, Coach Murphy – Sophomore spring, via email, with video and academic info.

Roanoke, Coach Pilat – Junior in high school. Any time of the year. Email is best.

LRT Sports: What are your expectations for incoming players in the classroom, in the weight room, and on the field?

UPenn, Coach Murphy – Their very best.

Roanoke, Coach Pilat – Work hard. Listen. Learn from coaches and older players.

LRT Sports: What are the do’s and don’ts of being recruited?

UPenn, Coach Murphy – Tell the truth. Don’t have your parents do anything for you that you can do yourself.

Roanoke, Coach Pilat – Do: Ask a coach if he has a spot for you. Observe all dates and deadlines. Visit campus at least one time. Don’t: Assume a coach needs or wants a recruit.

LRT Sports: What is the best advice you can offer a recruit?

UPenn, Coach Murphy – Work hard every day. Be trustworthy.

LRT Sports: What really jumps out to you when reviewing a recruit’s highlight tape?

UPenn, Coach Murphy – Athleticism, Skill, playing hard.

Roanoke, Coach Pilat – Speed

LRT Sports: What are the main do’s and don’ts for a recruit’s highlight tape?

UPenn, Coach Murphy – Show good fundamental plays. Don’t make it too long.

Roanoke, Coach Pilat – Keep it short. Show athletic ability. Show the recruit doing what his position is supposed to do.

LRT Sports: When do you recommend recruits put together and share their highlight reels? Is it best to make their highlight reel during offseason, in the middle of season, or after each game?

UPenn, Coach Murphy – Postseason.

Roanoke, Coach Pilat – Middle of season or end.

LRT Sports: What advice do you have for recruits who get turned down by their dream schools? What are their options if they don’t gain the recruiting attention they desire?

UPenn, Coach Murphy – Keep grinding.

Roanoke, Coach Pilat – Look at another school or become a walk-on and try out.

LRT Sports: How big a factor is social media when recruiting players? What advice do you have for athletes regarding social media?

Roanoke, Coach Pilat – Be careful with what you post.