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July 20, 2016

Tips to Get Recruited for Squash

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  • Most colleges that have competitive squash teams allow only two spots for recruited players on the varsity team.
  • There are no scholarships given to squash players, so those who are pursuing squash in college can only rely on need based financial aid.
  • Coaches believe that ranking, tournament exposure, and points accrued can only tell you so much about a player.
  • College squash programs are increasing exponentially!


  • Start sending e-mails to coaches starting in your junior year of high school. It is good to get your name out there and on their radar.
  • Be proactive. Many coaches are not just going to e-mail you first. You have to e-mail them with all of your contact info and grades so they know what they can do, and if you are qualified to attend their school.
  • Play in as many tournaments as you can to gain experience and improve your ranking. Play in tournaments at schools you are interested in attending. That way you can talk to the coaches and ask them to watch you play.
  • Go to summer camps at schools you are thinking of attending as well. That way you can meet coaches and also get great experience.
  • The East Coast is the reigning spot for squash recruiting and popularity. If you want to be seen by competitive programs, try doing some tournaments in the east and get contact while you are there
  • Talk to your teammates! These are the most valuable voices besides speaking with college coaches. Because squash is such an unknown college sport, those that have gone through the process will have the most information
  • Keep an open mind. Be flexible and willing to take a lot of tours. Each program is so different due to the lack of widespread popularity, so you want to get the right fit!

LRT Sports talked to Ryan Morgan a junior squash player at Drexel University about his recruiting experience, Drexel and being recruited.

What was your recruiting experience like?

Mine was great. In my junior year I looked at all of the schools where squash was played and sent e-mails to a number of coaches, including some that I knew I did not want to go to just to get my name out there. I then set up appointments with a number of coaches during spring break so I could get a feel for the campus and what each program was like. I then sent follow up e-mails to all of the coaches and continued communication with the ones I really enjoyed.

How has it been playing squash at Drexel thus far?

I love playing squash here at Drexel. Coming here and playing for this team is absolutely amazing. The people on both the men’s and women’s teams are some of my best friends and I am so lucky that I have the opportunity to surround myself with these people daily. We are all such a close-knit group of people and I’m so happy I ended up here at Drexel.

Any tips for players who are currently being recruited?

I would say be very open minded to schools. Going into the recruitment process everyone is probably going to have schools they think they already like and some that they think they already dislike. Go in with an open mind and you never know what will end up happening.

Image courtesy of: expertain.com