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URI Soccer Player Discusses the Transfer Process and What DI Coaches Want to See

Claire Ross is a Division I soccer player at the University of Rhode Island. She transferred to URI from Mississippi State, so she took the time to discuss the recruiting process with us, and tell us what coaches want to see, how to format recruiting videos, and why she chose URI

Despite common belief, Claire doesn’t think highlight tapes are essential; she didn’t have one herself, and neither did most of her teammates. Highlight tapes can be edited to make you look like the perfect player, without showing mistakes or bad games. This is not necessarily a good thing because coaches care just as much about how you respond when you have a bad game as how you play when you have a good game. She said if you do make a highlight video, make it “short and sweet.”

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She thinks as an athlete, two of the most important characteristics are working hard and knowing the tactical side of the game: “You can teach technical.” If an athlete knows the tactical side of the game and is willing to work hard and learn, you can teach them the technical part.

On Transferring

On transferring, Claire said it was: “One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.” The biggest shock was moving from a sweet, slow-paced Southern town in Mississippi to the fast-paced city in Rhode Island. She said while your major/program and sport are two huge factors in deciding where to commit or transfer, you should take the culture of where you’re moving into consideration as well, and make sure it’s a place that you will be happy living for four years.

Finally, she says as a college recruit, and especially as a transfer, you have to be willing to play new positions. You work hard for the team, not for yourself, even if that means keeping an open mind and trying new positions.

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