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December 6, 2017

Recruiting Horror Stories by LRT Sports™ | A Shower of Puke Came Our Way

Save to my locker

It was St. Patty’s day weekend and all around the campus most students were drinking and partying downtown. My mother did not realize that my sister’s recruiting visit was scheduled for St. Patty’s day weekend, so needless to say, she was not thrilled. The evening started off with a team tennis match. This match set the players behind in their pre-gaming efforts, so they were not particularly happy. Quickly after the match, the girls ran back to their dorms so they could start their partying. They felt as if they did not have enough time to pregame before the party so they ended up drinking too much, too fast.

After a couple of hours, an Uber was called, everyone headed out the door and went on their way to a party. Not sure why we only called one Uber, but we did. About half the team tried to squish into one vehicle. This endeavor forced one girl to lay across four of the other tennis player in the backseat. My sister luckily positioned herself near one of the girl’s feet; this saved her from a shower of lumpy puke. Yes, one of the girls who drank too much and puked all over the car. The driver of the vehicle was furious at all of them. He immediately kicked the team out of the car and then proceeded to slap the girls with $200 fine.

The partying tennis girls had to walk the rest of the way to the frat party. Along the way, they had to stop to relieve themselves, and after pleading with Walgreens manager, he allowed them to use the restroom. They cleaned themselves up and headed to the party. The party did not last long for this crazy crew of tennis players. Shortly after entering the house, most of the girls sprinted to the restroom. These girls were in no condition to mingle with people at the party because they were too busy puking in the bathroom. One girl was puking in the toilet, one in the sink and one was even vomiting in the bathtub. Unfortunately, my sister was left to hold one of the girl’s hair back as she puked in the toilet.

Afraid that my sister would be disappointed with her visit, one player asked a player on the men’s tennis team to take her to a different frat house party. My sister and her newfound friend walked thirty minutes to another party only for them to see the cops shutting it down. After trekking around campus for an extended period of time, they had to walk an hour and a half to get back to the dorm.

When she finally arrived back at the dorm, she realized that her host locked the door. My sister ended up sleeping in another player’s room, she fell asleep and to this day has a interesting recruiting horror story to tell.

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