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The huddle

July 25, 2016

Recruiting Horror: A Dining Hall Disaster

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I have always been allergic to shellfish, but have always been bad at detecting foods that contain it. At my official visit, I was very excited to try the dining hall because I had come from a small school that didn’t have a functioning cafeteria. So when my host asked me what I wanted to do, I asked if we could grab lunch before class. We arrived at the dining hall and I got way too excited. I decided I would make it a three course meal and begin with some soup. The choices were French onion and some type of miso soup. I went for the latter just to be adventurous and I brought it back to the table where the swim team was watching my every move. I ate the soup very fast in order to fit in more food, but before I could get up for more, my stomach started to ache and my tongue and lips started to swell. I immediately knew there were shellfish in the soup and I didn’t even have Benadryl on me. I asked where the bathroom was without looking at anyone and then quickly ran out. I must have been gone for 20 minutes, and I can only imagine what the team thought I was doing…

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