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October 25, 2019

Recruiting Advice from Los Angeles Chargers Marcus Peterson

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Marcus Peterson is currently a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Chargers, a model, and an entrepreneur. He is from Inglewood, California, where he attended a small Christian school. Mr. Peterson did not start playing football until he was in the tenth grade. He was not getting any DI scholarship offers, so the odds were not in his favor of playing for a big school. Marcus played ball at Seton Hill University and never gave up on his dream to play in the big leagues. After his senior year in college, he was given the opportunity to train with the best of the best NFL quarterbacks, receivers, and trainers. Marcus never lost faith, and with his hard work and determination, he signed with the NFL. He went to the University of Derby in London, England, where he received his MBA in finance. 

Marcus has a clothing brand called MP Motivational Brand Apparel. Marcus aims to make people feel important and know they have a purpose.

LRT Sports: What do you feel is the most important quality that an athlete can have to make a great teammate?

Marcus: Discipline & self-control because sometimes well most times situations or the game gets out of our hands, so having that self-control helps and benefits the team as a whole.

LRT Sports: What advice can you give the upcoming athletes as far as training is concerned in the off-season? What should they do to rise above the rest of the players?

Marcus: Go the extra mile, don’t skip drills, cones, reps because those add up and you practice like how you’ll play. Being tired sometimes is a mindset. Take care of your body to get your proper rest and stay in the weight room. To prevent injuries later. #reputations.

LRT Sports: What tip can you give athletes to stay motivated when things are not going their way?

Marcus: Understanding and knowing their “WHY?” Why they started in the first place. What are they doing it for?

LRT Sports: What advice can you give to that athlete who does not go the extra mile for the team? Meaning, what is the biggest don’t that they can do as far as being a team player? Does it impair his opportunities to play, or do you play the best no matter what?

Marcus: If you’re not all in and willing to sacrifice for the team, you will soon become a cancer. 

LRT Sports: What advice can you give to an athlete who is looking to get off the bench?

Marcus: Control what you can control keep working your craft because when their jersey is called, they HAVE to be ready and not getting ready. You might only get one chance.

LRT Sports: What is the best piece of advice that a coach has given you, and who was that coach?

Marcus: Control what you can control and be ready at all times. Because you never know.

LRT Sports: If a college athlete is looking to go pro, what is the best piece of advice that you can give them?

Marcus: Watch film, network like crazy, stay focused on the prize.

LRT Sports: If you could go back in time and could change one thing about your recruiting process, what would that be?

Marcus: I wasn’t recruited out of high school or college, so I can’t really answer that question.

LRT Sports: What advice would you give to recruits as far as social media is concerned?

Marcus: Please be careful what you post, like, and comment because, in this internet world, they will bring stuff up you did probably since birth!

LRT Sports: Do you think high school football players should be open to playing different positions when playing college ball? Or do you think they should push to play their one position?

Marcus: Yes, of course, 5/10 athletes don’t play what position they played in high school in the pros.

LRT Sports: All athletes deal with coaches that they do not get along with, what advice can you give to those kids as far as how they should handle this situation. Should they suck it up, or should they express how they feel to the coach?

Marcus: I dealt with this my whole career. It’s all a mind game, just listen and stay respectful. I think they should express how they feel respected.

LRT Sports: How important are facilities when looking at colleges, should they matter, or should the team dynamics matter more?

Marcus: I say go when you are wanted.

Fun Questions

LRT Sports: What is your go-to meal before a big game? 

Marcus: Whatever is free lol 

LRT Sports: Uniform or suit?

Marcus: Suit