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November 14, 2019

Quinnipiac Basketball Coach, Baker Dunleavy, Gives Impressive Recruiting Advice

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Baker Dunleavy was named Head Basketball Coach for Quinnipiac University on March 28, 2017. Coach Dunleavy is a young coach who is well respected. He Spent seven years with the basketball staff at Villanova University. He helped guide the Wildcats to capturing a national championship in 2016. They had a 77-74 win over the esteemed North Carolina. He became the Quinny assistant coach in 2012 and then became the associate head coach position in 2013. 

In Coach Dunleavy’s early career he took a post-grad year at Lawrenceville School, where he committed to Villanova. Coach Dunleavy appeared in 28 games over his career. He also was a part of the Wildcats’ 2005 Sweet 16 squad. Coach Dunleavy gives recruiting advice to athletes looking to play at the next level. 


Edited by Caroline Kurdej