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International Students
Recruiting Horror Stories™: From Sitting Out at Home to Sitting Out at School

By Sydney DeNardo|November 9, 2021

**Recruiting Horror Stories™ are posted every Tuesday to provide athletes’ first-hand experiences of what can go wrong during the recruiting process. Lenien Jamir is a Division I Tennis player in...

Recruiting Dates
Need to Know NLI Signing Dates

By Jaime Evers|November 9, 2021

Tomorrow, November 10th marks our first official NLI signing date! In honor of the occasion, the NCAA posted ALL of their signing dates, by sport, division, and early vs. regular...

Am I Just Tired or is it Chronic Fatigue?

By Paramveer Chohan|November 8, 2021

Student-athletes can be some of the toughest people on the planet. Not everyone can handle gruelling practices 5-6 times a week, plus travel, competitions, and classes! It takes an awful...

Stress Relief
6 Tips to Relax in the Heat of the Moment

By Sydney DeNardo|November 8, 2021

In the heat of the moment, it can be hard for athletes to relax. Voices start taking over and it is easy to get really frustrated. Here are some tips...

Upcoming Must-Watch NCAA Action: Female Fall Sports

By Macy McHale|November 8, 2021

November and December are loaded with Division I college sports, especially women’s sports. Conference tournaments for soccer, field hockey, volleyball, and cross country are taking place throughout the month. The...

Success Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

By Brayden Koch|November 8, 2021

My whole life, I grew up undersized. Playing sports like basketball and volleyball didn’t make it easier. One day I asked my dad how I’m supposed to be successful when...

Football Superstar
Athlete of the Week: Jake Kradel

By Brayden Koch|November 5, 2021

Jake Kradel is an offensive lineman for the University of Pittsburgh Division I football team. In his 3rd year as a starter, Jake has shown his importance on an offensive...

Stink Relief
How to Make Your Soccer Bag Smell Good

By Andrea Leitner|November 5, 2021

Even after 18 years of playing soccer, I have not quite mastered the technique of keeping my soccer bag smelling good. It always seems after a few months my cleats,...

How to Build a Championship Culture

By Brendan Duffy|November 5, 2021

Everyone wants to play for a winning team. In order for this to happen, someone or some people had to build a winning culture within their organization. But how? Be...

School-Sport Balance
How to Optimize Your Time as a Student Athlete

By Anna Garrett|November 4, 2021

College athletes have busy, and often stressful, schedules. Between everything you have to do for school and your sport, it can be overwhelming. I’ve compiled 6 tips on how to...

athlete interview
Saint Francis University’s Olivia Walczak on Team Culture

By Christie Ackendorf|November 4, 2021

**Athlete Interviews are posted every Thursday for recruiting advice, what to look for, and more. Olivia Walczak is a Freshman at Saint Francis University, where she is an outside hitter...

Importance of Sleep as an Athlete

By Madison Machado|November 4, 2021

42% of student athletes are sleep deprived. Three in five students are clocking in less than 7 hours of sleep.  But, an average young adult requires 7 to 9 hours...

NIL $$$
6 Most Interesting NIL Deals

By Noah Fisher|November 3, 2021

Ga’Quincy “Kool-Aid” McKinstry & Kool-Aid – OH YEAH! An NIL deal like this is only written in the stars. Ga’Quincy McKinstry, who goes by “Kool-Aid,” agreed to a sponsorship with...

Nutrition for Athletes: Overview

By Rebecca Lutz|November 3, 2021

**Our Nutrition for Athletes series answers athletes’ questions about nutrition with a deep dive into micro- and macro-nutrients, timing meals for workouts, nutrition in the season vs offseason, and meal...

Dorm-Friendly Protein Yogurt Bowl

By Macy McHale|November 3, 2021

As college athletes, we start our days early and rarely get a break between practice, classes, homework, and more practice.  Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of maintaining...

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