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Top 5 Best NCAA College Football Players that Never Won the Heisman Trophy

Named after football pioneer John W. Heisman, the Heisman Trophy has been awarded annually to the most outstanding college football player since 1935 (Tracy, New York Times). The award has had plenty of prestige and reputation behind it, but in the modern era, it’s become the Holy Grail of individual college football accolades. The winner

March 9, 2020 Oliver Loutsenko

The Evolution of College Tennis Recruiting

While Tennis Recruiting Network – an NCAA college tennis coach’s premier venue to scout prospective high-school athletes – only launched in 2005, numerous significant changes to the recruiting process have already been implemented (Lecessi, USA Today). These changes reshaped both the traditional logic NCAA coaches from noteworthy schools were using, as well as the strategy student-athletes

March 5, 2020

UC Berkeley & Olympic Swim Coach, David Durden, Dives into Advice

LRT Sports sat down with Dave Durden, the Head Coach for the men’s swim team at the University of California, Berkeley. Durden is diving into his 13th season with Cal in 2019-2020 and was also on the coaching staff for the 2016 Olympic team in Rio de Janeiro. Since the 2009-10 season, Cal has not

March 2, 2020

Should Baseball Players go Pro out of High School? Baltimore Orioles, Brenan Hanifee’s Advice

Every year in June, there are thousands of players full of passion and love for the game of baseball who want to play Major League Baseball. The big question for elite high school baseball players is should I stay or should I go? Should players try to play pro ball right out of high school

February 27, 2020

NCAA Wrestling Rule Change

In life, change is inevitable. When it comes to sports, especially college sports with organizations overseeing its operations, there is always the question of whether the change is for the benefit of the players and competitors or the organization and its accompanying self-interest. Are they trying to benefit the sport or themselves? We’ll look at

February 24, 2020

Pay to Play Bill Signed by California Governor

For student-athletes, the thought of getting paid for their athletic talents is quite enticing. This idea of whether or not athletes should get paid for schools using their likeness, image, and name has been in question for quite some time now. There are big contentions around not paying college athletes since many athletes make immense

February 20, 2020

Going Pro in Football, Women’s Basketball and Men’s Golf

Football According to the NCAA, as well as data from the NFL’s draft in 2018, only 1.6% of NCAA football players go on to play professionally. In their research, they found that, there were “256 draft picks in 2018, 255 of whom were former NCAA players. NCAA to Major Pro figure [was] calculated using [this]

February 17, 2020