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September 15, 2015

Do College Coaches look at Athlete’s Social Media?

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Social media is pouring into our daily lives. We love sharing posts, blogs, and checking new trends. When it comes to the recruiting process, will social media still play a significant role in getting athletes recruited? Will coach teams track prospective recruiter’s posts on social media platforms? If the answer is yes, what are coaches looking for? 

Clemson and Florida State football teams, ban their players from using social media during their seasons. We have some tips for you to boost positive social media presence and avoid unwanted social media meltdowns!

Tip #1: Don’t send direct messages to opposing players unless they’re positive. 

Tip #2: Support your school’s social media accounts. Loyalty goes a long way!

Tip #3: Generate hype by posting upcoming games and events on your profile in advance.

Tip #4: Pictures can be dangerous! Do not post anything that suggests that you are partying or frequenting bars. No pictures that show that you are in compromising positions. 

Tip #5: Keep each other accountable. If a poor picture of you or any of your teammates is posted, bring it to their attention. You will want to get that post down as soon as possible. 

Tip #6: It might be uncomfortable, but make it clear to friends that are not athletes that you do not pictures of you posted on social media. The last thing you want is for someone else to be posting unwanted images of you on social media since you can’t control it.

Coaches do track social media. The fact is, most coaches will check prospective recruiter’s social media. Social media is a supplemental method to know more about athletes.

“Beware of social media! It could get you off a recruiting list very easily. Many coaches do searches on all recruits now to get insight into the character of recruits.”

University of New England Men’s Basketball Coach Ed Silva

“Yes, we do look through social media sites when we recruit athletes. We Google them and try and find out what we can.”

North Carolina A&T State University Volleyball Coach Hal Clifton

Think before you post, don’t be too emotional and bold. Once posts are on the Internet, they might not ever go away.  

“Social media is huge. We do look at all the social media outlets and see what they are posting. Remember that people, other than friends, are looking at what you post and are making decisions and judgments about you. Once on the Internet, it is always there.”

Ithaca College Softball Coach Deb Pallozzi

“Social media is a big part of recruiting now. Be very careful about what you put on social media. If you feel comfortable with your parents and grandparents seeing it, you should be ok. If you don’t feel comfortable with them seeing it, you probably shouldn’t hit the send button.”

Notre Dame de Namur University Women’s Soccer, Coach Paul McCallion

“Remember, you’ll be judged on what you post.” 

Oklahoma State University Men’s Golf Coach Alan Bratton

Follow your dream teams! College teams own their social media accounts, as well. Sometimes they will also release crucial recruiting information!

“Follow any team that you’re interested in on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.”

Tufts Track & Field Coach Kristen Morwick 

“Do not post anything on social media against your future team, any teammates, or other teams in the same association.”

Shaw University Men’s and Women’s Soccer Coach Luis Cortell

 “Coaches look at recruits’ social media outlets. Don’t post anything out there that you wouldn’t want your mom to see.”

Davidson Volleyball Coach Chris Willis

 “We do check on them to make sure they have made some “good choices” on social media.”

Brown Volleyball Coach Diane Short

Huge! Be mindful of what you put onto social media. Coaches everywhere are watching your social media activity. Whether it’s a tweet, retweet, subtweet, or pictures/comments on Facebook and Instagram, coaches want athletes that will not tarnish the name of a college. Before you post anything, use a filter to ask yourself, can this next post cause me to lose out on an opportunity to attend my dream school?

Eastern Nazarene Soccer Coach George Arroyo

Don’t post something that has a negative tone. Would you want your pastor or grandmother to see it?

Columbia Softball Jennifer Teague

Think before you hit “send.” Show you have great character in everything you do.”




Updated 12/3/19