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Tips on Being a “Coachable” Player

Being able to identify what makes an athlete coachable or uncoachable will help you be an athlete that any coach would take a chance on. A coach and player dynamic will come with challenges, but if you set out to be a coachable player, then it will make you a more desirable recruit.

Some characteristics of a coachable athlete

Attributes of a coachable athlete

  • Show coaches that you appreciate their constructive criticism.
  • Have confidence, but don’t be cocky. 
  • Work hard to change bad habits. 
  • Show that you are a team player. 
  • Listen to what the coaches have to say, pay attention
  • Give 100% during training, practice and when competing

Coaches can recognize uncoachable athletes, they will show key behaviors. 

Characteristics of an uncoachable athlete

  • You don’t pay attention when coaches are speaking
  • You’re a know it all
  • You tend to roll our eyes or take things personally that you shouldn’t.
  • You can seem ungrateful.
  • You feel as though you should be competing (like your better than others); you feel as though everything is revolved around you. 

To become more coachable, you will have to come down off your high horse. You will have to understand that being on a team is a privilege, and you should be grateful. Know that being a team player is an essential part of being on a team, and if you work hard and you are coachable, you will have playing time. Coaches have kept some of their best players out of games due to their bad attitudes. Coachability is up to the athlete, not the coaches. 

Top 5 benefits of being more coachable

  • You are likely to get more playing time.
  • Coaches will respect your character.
  • Greater cohesion with the team, team player.
  • Learning more about your position/sport.
  • Coaches will like that you use their constructive critizim, shows you are willing to do what it takes
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