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Gettysburg College Athletic Facilities

Gettysburg College was founded in 1831. It is located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania’s sprawling hills, and is a private liberal arts college. The 225-acre campus is adjacent to the Gettysburg Battlefield. 

The Bullets sponsors 24 varsity sports—12 for men and 12 for women. The school competes at the NCAA Division III intercollegiate level. 

Men’s Sports: 

Men’s All Track Combined

Men’s Baseball (D3)

Men’s Basketball (D3)

Men’s Football (D3)

Men’s Golf

Men’s Lacrosse (D3)

Men’s Soccer (D3)

Men’s Swimming (D3)

Men’s Tennis no data

Men’s Wrestling

Women’s Sports: 

Women’s All Track Combined

Women’s Basketball (D3)

Women’s Field Hockey (D3)

Women’s Golf no data

Women’s Lacrosse (D3)

Women’s Soccer (D3)

Women’s Softball (D3)

Women’s Swimming no data

Women’s Tennis

Women’s Volleyball (D3)

Fun Fact: Gettysburg is a founding member of the Centennial Conference. This is one of the premier conferences for NCAA Division III athletics. Impressive!

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