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Freshman Year Student-Athletes Preseason Expectations

If you play a fall sport in college, chances are your first freshman experience at school will be preseason. Preseason can be an intimidating environment for incoming freshman, especially if you didn’t have an overnight visit to meet your current team members. As a freshman, you’re also likely balancing your college orientation with preseason, which can make it especially difficult. Luckily there’s no need to worry because despite how challenging and intimidating preseason may seem, it’s very manageable.

The most important part of preseason and most coaches will tell you that you need to give it your all. After summer vacation, some players generally start strong while others start weak. Please don’t assume you’re better or worse than any of the players before you get a chance to compete against them. Even if you don’t think you’re playing well, maintaining a positive attitude throughout preseason is crucial. Coaches take note of those athletes who have a positive attitude and that are coachable. 

Generally, the toughest part of the preseason is the fitness tests and challenges; first-year students may have an advantage as some upperclassmen likely spent their summer working or interning. If you spent your summer training, competing, and staying in shape, coaches will be impressed at your advancements. Make sure to take advantage of the oportunity and outperform returning team members.

All in all, be prepared to work hard both mentally and physically in the preseason. Playing well on the field is very important, but showing a poor attitude, sportsmanship, or low athleticism will hurt your chances of getting into the starting lineup.

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