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April 13, 2018

Former University of Minnesota Baseball Pitcher, Matt Fiedler, On Being Recruited

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Before his professional career, Matt Fiedler played for the University of Minnesota and received high accolades including Big Ten Player of the Year, First Team All-Big Ten, and Academic All-District. 

LRT Sports sat down with Matt to talk to him about his recruiting process.

LRT: At what point did you realize you could play baseball at the next level? How did you find out?

MF: I realized the summer of my junior year, I was receiving emails and letter from division one colleges.

LRT: Did you have any idea what schools you were interested in, did you reach out to them first?

MF: No, not any particular schools. I was open to any and all schools willing to give me an opportunity. I was looking for the right fit.

LRT: Who did you listen to during the beginning of the recruiting process? Did that change as you became more knowledgeable of the process?

MF: I relied on my family and a few trusted coaches. I relied on those people less and less throughout the process because I had to make the decision.

LRT: How involved were your parents during the recruiting process?

MF: My parents were there more as a support system and there for advice. They would occasionally ask questions but wanted me to take a lead role in the recruiting process.

LRT: Before you committed and signed your National Letter of Intent with the University of Minnesota, you verbally committed to Notre Dame. What were some of the reasons for that change?

MF: I was in a car accident that made me reprioritize things, and I wanted to play somewhere closer to home. When I stepped on Minnesota’s campus, it felt like the right fit.

LRT: How much communication did you have with head coaches during the recruiting process?

MF: Head coach involvement varied from school to school, all depended on the school’s recruiting coordinator.

LRT: In your case, was your relationship with the coach a key point of recruiting?

MF: The coaches were a big factor at every school. I wanted to make sure I can establish a relationship with them, but it ultimately came down to the school because coaches can come and go.

LRT: If you had honest and anonymous head coach reviews from their past and current players like LRT provides, would you have used LRT Sports as a resource?

MF: Yes, it is always nice to have honest information about what it is like playing for a coach.

LRT: What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is just starting to get recruited?

MF: Make sure you’re the one, not your parents doing the contact of the coaches. Also, don’t get enamored with the division one label and facilitates, look for the place that is a better fit for you on a deeper level.