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NIL Update, Kicking the Can

Those of us paying attention to the college athlete name, image, and likeness conversation will have to wait a little longer for updates—today, the NCAA decided to delay its decision on whether or not it will amend its NIL and one-time transfer policies moving forward. Here are a few reasons why the NCAA might have

January 18, 2021 Katie Lever, M.A.

NCAA Rules for Protecting Student-Athlete’s Eligibility While Raising funds for Social Justice

With the current pandemic and social climate, there is a call on student-athletes to use their platform to raise awareness and funds. And as groups like Athletes for Change. There are some rules that you should be aware of to maintain your eligibility.  One:  Money raised must go directly to a charity. Two: You may

November 19, 2020

Name, Image, and Likeness Update | NCAA Proposal

On Monday night (10-5-2020) Sports Illustrated announced the NCAA’s latest proposal for modifications to its existing NIL rules. Although the proposal isn’t perfect, it’s the most liberal proposal yet, and closely mirrors key points featured in the handful of state bills that have passed. Here are a few things athletes should know about the NCAA’s

October 15, 2020

NAIA gives Athletes Access to Name, Image and Likeness

On October 7, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics made history when it became the first collegiate sports organization to pass reform allowing college athletes to earn compensation for use of their names, images, and likenesses (NILs). The NCAA has been resisting such reform for decades, and leaves many questions for college athletes, parents, and

October 13, 2020

NCAA Transfer Portal and Transfer Waivers | What’s the Difference?

Transferring to a new university in the middle of one’s athletic career is a complicated process, made slightly easier by the NCAA’s relatively new transfer portal, which also lifted some of the barriers athletes faced in the transfer process. Case in point: prior to 2018, if a Division 1 athlete wanted to transfer, they had

October 5, 2020

Optional Practice | Is it Really Optional?

Being a collegiate student-athlete is a huge time commitment. Throughout the competition season and the offseason, coaches will often open up their facilities to their athletes for “optional practice,” but what exactly does that entail? Are you wondering if you will be  penalized for not attending? Will you look like you don’t care if you

September 10, 2020

Fall Eligibility Update Amidst COVID-19

Last Friday, the NCAA announced that all fall athletes will receive eligibility relief amidst COVID-19. While this sounds like a free ticket to an extra season of eligibility, there are still important sub points to the statement that athletes should be aware of moving forward. Here are three things current college athletes who play a

August 27, 2020