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Optional Practice | Is it Really Optional?

Being a collegiate student-athlete is a huge time commitment. Throughout the competition season and the offseason, coaches will often open up their facilities to their athletes for “optional practice,” but what exactly does that entail? Are you wondering if you will be  penalized for not attending? Will you look like you don’t care if you

September 10, 2020 Hazel Brown

Fall Eligibility Update Amidst COVID-19

Last Friday, the NCAA announced that all fall athletes will receive eligibility relief amidst COVID-19. While this sounds like a free ticket to an extra season of eligibility, there are still important sub points to the statement that athletes should be aware of moving forward. Here are three things current college athletes who play a

August 27, 2020

Not All Sports Are Created Equal, The Truth Behind Women’s Rowing and how it Saves Football

When I was offered admission at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the first email I received on my new school email account had a subject line of “Become a UNC Division I Athlete at UNC-Chapel Hill.” Inside the email was documents inviting me to become the next member of UNC Rowing, a

August 24, 2020

NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Face-Off Rule Changes

In late May of 2020, the NCAA Rules Committee voted to make significant changes to the face-off process of Men’s Lacrosse. The days of facing off where both specialists begin on their knees and engage in lengthy battles for leverage are over. The new changes include:  1.  “Having both players start face-offs with only their

August 13, 2020

Is My Athletic Scholarship Guaranteed? It Depends.

In a perfect world, all athletic scholarships would be guaranteed for four years (and plenty of people believe they actually are), but unfortunately, the NCAA is far from perfect. The reality is that scholarship policies can vary widely by conference and university, and coaches often do not fully explain these dynamics to athletes. In essence,

August 11, 2020

Federal Name, Image, and Likeness Bill Updates

It’s been hard to keep up with all the name, image, and likeness (NIL) chatter this summer, but the NCAA has once again catapulted the conversation ahead for all the wrong reasons. Last week, the Association presented Congress with a draft of federal name, image, and likeness proposals that make for some pretty bold (not

August 3, 2020

Policy Update on Merit, Needs-Based, and Athletic Scholarships in the NCAA

On July 15th, the NCAA’s Division 1 Council voted to adopt legislation that exempts need-and-merit-based financial aid from counting against athletic scholarship limits for partial-scholarship sports. The rule is set to go into place on August 1st, and although there are currently limited details on what the legislation looks like in practice, here are some

July 30, 2020