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Knowing When to Transfer

Transferring is usually a sticky situation; it creates a feeling of uncertainty that some athletes thrive off of while others get sick to the thought of. While transferring is scary, it is often necessary in order for athletic or academic goals to be met. Here are some important factors to help you realize when it

October 12, 2021 Andrea Leitner

3 Transfer Tips from an Expert

When I was deciding to transfer, I was so worried and scared. It was the most difficult decision I’ve ever made, and it was a challenging process once I made that decision. Nonetheless, I’m so happy with the outcome. We all make mistakes, but it’s easier to admit that you chose the wrong school than

September 22, 2021

URI Soccer Player Discusses the Transfer Process and What DI Coaches Want to See

Claire Ross is a Division I soccer player at the University of Rhode Island. She transferred to URI from Mississippi State, so she took the time to discuss the recruiting process with us, and tell us what coaches want to see, how to format recruiting videos, and why she chose URI.  Despite common belief, Claire

August 31, 2021

Why Athletes Must Know Their Rights Before Transferring

Edited by Jaime Evers Considering the decision to transfer and finally making that decision isn’t always an easy process; in fact, it rarely is. Parker is a college baseball player who has worked his way through several divisions, including Junior college, Division 2, and soon to be a Division 1 program. During his senior year

August 25, 2021

Redshirt | An Athletes Experience with being a Two-year Red Shirt, Transfer, and a Medical DQ

Lindsay Sammis started her collegiate soccer career at Kansas University and then transferred to the University of Rhode Island after her freshman year. Not only was Lindsay a transfer, but she was also a two-year red shirt who faced recurring injuries, resulting in a medical DQ. She struggled with ongoing knee injuries and was never

August 2, 2021

Pro Lacrosse Player, Reece Eddy, on Staying Motivated and Transferring to BU

Reece Eddy is a former Boston University LSM player and team captain in 2020. He was honored as an Inside Lacrosse All-American and earned Patriot League Defensive Player of the week in March 2019. He appeared in every game junior and senior year following his transfer from Canisius, where he also played in every game.

May 24, 2021

How do Transfer Athletes Find Their Place on Their New Team?

Being a transfer student is hard, no doubt about it, and being an athlete definitely adds another layer to the experience. How do you know if you will fit in with your new team? I got incredibly lucky with my experience, but I did have concerns. Would I find friends on a team that was

November 16, 2020