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Daily Grind
Day in the Life of Yale Football Player, Jaelin Alburg

By Jaelin Alburg|November 15, 2021

#6 Jaelin Alburg HEIGHT 6-0 WEIGHT 190 CLASS Graduated POSITION Cornerback 2018: Played in all 10 games and started 9 at cornerback. Made 14 total tackles and 4 pass breakups...

Daily Grind
Daily Grind of a SUNY Volleyball Player

By Andrew Streeter|September 15, 2021

**Daily Grind columns are are posted the 15th of every month to provide an introduction into a day in the life of a college athlete and an example of time...

chapel hill
The Day in the Life of a DI Fencer

By Firoz George|November 15, 2018

Typically, student-athletes are recruited to score touchdowns, hit home runs, or sprint on a track; but what makes my experience unique is that I was recruited to fight with swords....

Day in the Life of Alabama Football Player, Hale Hentges

By Hale Hentges|September 10, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to play for Coach Nick Saban? Or maybe you want to know what it takes to play for the reigning college football champs?...

A Day in the Life of a Trinity College Baseball Player

By Benjamin Reinisch|July 24, 2018

As a college baseball player and biology major, there are a lot of things about my day that differs from other student-athletes, and most students in general. As every college...

The Day in the Life of a Northwestern University Basketball Player

By Bryana Hopkins|July 5, 2018

Although the life of a collegiate student-athlete is demanding, it’s rewarding and an experience like no other. Some days are good, and some are tiring, but when you look back, you will...

My Life as a Wisconsin Basketball Player

By Kendall Shaw|May 22, 2018

I want to tell you a little bit about my journey as a D1 basketball athlete since it’s been different from many other athletes. The reason I say this is...

Harvard Softball Player: The Day in the Life of Alissa Hiener, an Ivy-league Athlete

By Alissa Hiener|May 12, 2018

My name is Alissa Hiener, and I play softball at Harvard University. As a Harvard student-athlete, I have a super busy but fun and rewarding schedule. This schedule changes depending...

A Day In the Life of a Wesleyan Baseball Player

By Madeleine Lundberg|April 13, 2018

While Division 1 sports are known for their grueling time commitment and intense focus on athletics, D3 athletes, by comparison, can spend much more time focusing on academics, hanging out...

Spend the Day With a Texas Longhorn

By Audrey-Ann Caron-Goudreau|February 12, 2018

Let’s follow this beautiful, talented women’s basketball Texas Longhorn around for the day. Let’s see how hard she works as an athlete, as well as the dedication she puts into...

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