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October 13, 2021

Can DIII Coaches Help with the Admissions Process?

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Many athletes claim that their college coaches helped them get accepted into their schools and programs. This, however, depends on the circumstances, the sport, and the school.

A college sports program typically will be awarded an arbitrary number of “admissions support slots.” In most cases, the popular sports tend to receive more “select” admission slots, and in many cases, athletic directors will “tier” sports. This will depend on the sport’s popularity and the level of success the team earns at the conference, regional, and national levels. These variables all influence how much leverage a coach has when convincing schools to admit their recruits.

This short video offers 3 main circumstances in which college coaches can influence a school’s decision to admit their recruits:

  1. Strength of your class
    1. Easier to differentiate yourself if you’re coming in with a weak class
  2. Your level compared to the team
    1. If you can come in as a freshman and make a significant impact on the team, the coach is going to try harder to promote you
  3. When you apply
    1. Applying early decision shows your commitment to the school and team, making you more likely to be accepted


  1. Communicate proactively
  2. Be reasonable