Alabama Football: Hale Hentges Talks College, Career, and his Opinion on UCF

Hale Hentges is a tight end on the University of Alabama Football Team. He is from Jefferson City, Missouri where he played football for Helias High School. While at Helias, ESPN ranked him as the third-best tight end in  2015, Hale was chosen to play in the Under Armour All-America Game. Despite receiving offers from schools such as Auburn, LSU, Ohio State and Georgia, Hentges ultimately decided to play for The Crimson Tide. Since then, he has been part of two SEC and National Championship winning teams. LRT Sports had the opportunity to interview one of our former interns and a great football player, Hale Hentges, about his time at Alabama. He gave us valuable insight into why he chose Alabama and what it is like to play for a championship team.

LRT Sports: How were you able to get the attention of the Alabama Coaching staff? Did you reach out to them first? Were there specific camps or showcases you attended?

HH: I ultimately ended up sending my junior film to the coaching staff. I didn’t attend any showcases. Luckily, they just played the tape and my playing did the talking!

LRT Sports: Besides their long tradition of winning, what ultimately led you to play for Bama? What separated them from the others school recruiting you?

HH: I fell in love with the coaches at Alabama, they really cared about me on a personal level. They had my best interest in mind and really focused on the academic side as well. What ultimately separated them was their business school. I am a marketing major and they have a very successful program.

LRT Sports: Mentality and training wise, what do you think separates potential D1 recruits from the average high school football player?

HH: I think mentality and training wise, potential D1 recruits aim for the big picture aspect of everything. Most of them work extremely hard at getting themselves ready for the next level. They aren’t just benching to win a state championship; they are working that much harder every day to dominate on the next level. I think a lot of them have a “mamba mentality,” that killer instinct that says, “I’m going to go make this play and no one is going to stop me.”

LRT Sports: Do you have any useful advice for incoming D1 players on what to expect in the classroom, in the weight room, and on the field?

HH: In college, the classes are obviously harder. College teachers won’t baby you until you turn your work in. If it’s not turned in on time, it doesn’t count, so take care of your business. When it comes to the weight room be prepared to spend a lot of time there. No matter how much lifting you did in high school, I guarantee that this will be harder and more time-consuming. On the field be prepared for the pace of the game to change. The speed of the game is drastically different compared to high school so it will take time to get used to.

LRT Sports: What is it really like to be on the Alabama football team? Do you have any funny stories or memorable moments that paint a picture?

HH: Honestly we work extremely hard, however hoisting the college football playoff trophy two out of three years makes it all worthwhile. It has been one of the best feelings of my life and it’s impossible to put it into words.

LRT Sports: This past college football national championship was one of the most exciting in recent history. Can you take us through what it was like to be on the field during the winning drive and after you guys won?

HH: Being out there on the field during the winning drive was incredible. The stadium was electric and it felt like destiny while we were moving the ball down the field. After we won, tears and confetti were flying everywhere. We overcame a lot of injuries and trials to get to that point. Being down 20-7 made it all the better celebration.

Photo by Brynn Anderson | Associated Press

LRT Sports: At Alabama is there a prize for getting Coach Saban to smile for more than 3 seconds?

HH: When it ever happens I’ll let you know. All joking aside, he does smile all the time out at practice. He loves spending time with the players and joking around with us.

LRT Sports: From a scale of 9-10 how afraid are you to play UCF?

HH: Negative one. We would love the opportunity to play them!

The LRT Sports team wishes you all the best this year Hale! Kick some ass, we will be watching you!


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