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7 ways to reset after a long week

Everyone knows how long the week can get and how it can seem impossible for you to do it all again the following week. So, we’ve included seven ways to help you reset after a long week. These tips will get you back on your feet and ready for what’s next. Step out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to try something new! Here’s to minimizing the Sunday Scaries!

  1. Clean your room! 

I understand that this is probably the last thing you want to do, but you need a clean environment to set yourself up for success the following week. Also, what better time to pop your headphones in and listen to your favorite music or a thrilling podcast?

  1. Spend time outside

Let’s face it, you’ve probably only gotten out of your bed a couple times today, and it was most likely just to move to the couch (especially if you have classes on Zoom). Take your coffee and go sit on the porch or put a blanket out in the yard. Get some fresh air and let your body relax in nature.

  1. Make To-Do lists 

We all know how good it feels to cross things off the list. There’s nothing a good to-do list can’t fix. A professor at the Oregon Institute of Technology said “Sometimes I even add things to my list that I’ve already done just to feel good about crossing them off!”

  1. People detox

Make some time for yourself. Reflect on your week. Stare at the ceiling. Avoid social media for a few hours. And, just take some time for yourself without the stress of being around other people.

  1. Try Gratitude journaling

After all that time you spent complaining and ranting about your week, let’s take some time to pick out what we’re thankful for. Find those silver linings!

  1. Take an active rest day

Just because it’s a day off doesn’t mean that you can let your body tighten up. Stretch, go for a walk, get an adequate amount of sleep, and STAY HYDRATED!

  1. Call your parents 

You know they want to hear from you, and talking to them is a really good way to get your thoughts out there, go over the past week, and plan the following week.


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