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7 Best College Sport Movies

If you liked our Halloween Movies round-up, you’ll love our 7 favorite college sport movies even more! Cozy up with these during Thanksgiving and Winter break! 

The Express

1. The Express: The story of Ernie Davis is one that will inspire you while tugging on your heartstrings. Despite being the first person of color to win a Heisman trophy, Ernie Davis lived a life full of both social and physical hardships and prejudice. It’s a story with complex character developments and a lesson to be learned. (Photo source: Amazon)

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He Got Game

2. He’s Got Game: This is an all-time favorite that features such legends as Spike Lee as writer/director and Denzel Washington as the lead. The story revolves around the top-recruit, Jesus Shuttlesworth (played by Ray Allen) and the many influences on his recruiting process. (Photo source: Amazon)

The Waterboy

3. The Waterboy: Everybody loves an Adam Sandler movie. The Waterboy is one his best films, and the story of Bobby Boucher is up there with the great tales of a hero’s journey. It’s relatable, and it illustrates the tensions between athletes, staff members, and rival teams at the college level. (Photo source: Amazon)

Blue Chips

4. Blue Chips: This movie is a classic, but it’s been overshadowed by newer sports movies. This movie tells the story of a basketball coach at a large program desperate to bring in new talent. But, he gets caught up in a scandal in the process. It’s a star-studded cast, full of all-time great basketball figures: Shaquille O’Neal, Penny Hardaway, Larry Bird, and Rick Petino, to name a few. (Photo source: Amazon)

We Are Marshall

5. We are Marshall: This drama explores the tragedy of the 1970 Marshall Football team and how a program copes with the aftermath. With Matthew McConaughey as the lead, you’re going to get an unmatched experience that tugs at your heart strings and leaves you with lasting effect. (Photo source: Amazon)


6. Rudy: This movie tells the true story of Daniel “Rudy” Reuttiger, who overcame remarkable odds to walk-on to the University of Notre Dame football team. His story should resonate with many college athletes: being told they’re too small or don’t have what it takes to play at the next level, but persevering through it. (Photo source: Amazon)

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7. Glory Road: Movies about great moments in history are always good, and this one is no different. This story tells the tale of the first all-black starting lineup in NCAA history and their road to the championship. As one can expect, there’s dama, highs, lows, and you leave the film glad that you watched it. (Photo source: Amazon

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