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When to Ask Your Coach for a Higher Scholarship

One of the biggest stressors for college athletes is money. Athletes can feel unsure how to handle their financial aid from the school, and sometimes you might feel like you deserve a higher scholarship from you sport. 

If you are considering asking for a higher scholarship but are not sure when to ask, the concept is simple. Coaches – no matter what their personal policy is – have a limited amount of scholarship money they can give to their team. So, it will come down to your performance compared to other athletes on your team

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If you are playing well and contributing consistently, then it is the right time to talk to your coach. If lately, you felt you haven’t been at your best or you haven’t been getting the playing time you usually are accustomed to, then it is likely not a good time to ask for more scholarship money. 

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Claire Scanlan, Assistant Coach for Temple University Women’s Soccer stated: “It really comes down to on-field play.” Do not over think the timing of asking for a higher scholarship; if you think you’ve been playing well enough to deserve a higher scholarship, it’s probably a good time to bring it up with your coach.

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