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January 25, 2019

VKTRY Insole: Protecting against injury and Improving Performance

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Most sports insoles are made from plastic and foam and act as a cushion, whereas VKTRY insoles are made from a superior, ultra-lightweight, aerospace-grade carbon fiber with a comfortable foam top. VKTRY insoles have 5 different variants to ensure maximum comfort and performance, based off of foot size and length. Originally developed for the U.S. Olympic bobsled team by Matt Arciuolo – a certified Pedorthis, expertly trained in foot and leg biomechanics, this advancement boasts three keys to success: a unique patented shape, custom flexibility, and the aforementioned carbon fiber material. The success of the insole is predicated off of its ability to reduce the amount of wasted energy, thus allowing for greater force and explosive energy return to propel an athlete. On top of this added performance, VK’s provide additional support and stability for the athlete, which helps reduce the chance of injury to the lower foot and leg.


The results for VK’s speak for themselves, with VK’s test results showing a 9.3% increase in athlete explosiveness, with an average 0.12 recruit on 40 yard dash, a broad jump increase of 4 inches, and a vertical jump increase of 1.6 inches. Furthermore, a research study including 263 athletes showed football players using VK’s had 41% lest foot injuries and 22% less lower injuries. These soles are so reliable that Gary Vitti, the Head Athletic Trainer trainer for the LA lakers for 32 years said, “The best way to treat an injury is to protect yourself from one. The VK insole is the best combination of injury protection and performance enhancement that I have ever seen in orthotics.” With athletes like World Series MVP George Springer to track Olympians like Tianna Bartoletta vouching for this product’s explosiveness and effectiveness, it must be a shoe in.