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Top Basketball Shoe Brands and Models

The process of choosing basketball shoes can be difficult, to say the least. There are a multitude of technologies, brands, and models to choose from. In order to make the best decision that not only fits your style of play and personal preference, but also aligns with the way you carry yourself as a player. With this in mind, let’s break down each brand and rank them in order of popularity.

Nike has dominated the basketball shoe game for years by featuring the most innovative technology and iconic silhouettes. Nike sponsors a star-studded lineup of NBA players highlighted by LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kyrie Irving, and Paul George. Nike’s brand also owns rights to Jordan brand which sponsors players such as Michael Jordan, Russel Westbrook, Zion Williamson, Luka Doncic, and Jayson Tatum  Each of these athletes have released various renditions of their signature shoes that are used by all types of basketball players, from collegiate athletes to people who play pickup games at their local park. 

Some of the most popular shoe models that have been released recently are the Kyrie 7, KD 14, and Zoom Freak 3. The brand has integrated technology such as Zoom cushioning, Air Max cushioning, React cushioning, and Knit Posite upper materials to provide basketball players with a variety of options to fit their play style. In addition to a variety of technology, Nike provides both premium- and budget-model basketball shoes to  meet a wide audience of basketball players around the world. Overall, Nike’s basketball shoes are the epitome of reliability and excellence, which reflects the greatness of the NBA players that are sponsored by the brand.

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Next on the list is Adidas. Adidas is highlighted by big name NBA players such as Damian Lillard, James Harden, Trae Young, and Donovan Mitchell. If you’re a big fan of flashy colorways and unique aesthetics, Adidas is your brand for basketball shoes. 

Some popular Adidas shoe models have been the Trae Young 1, D.O.N. ISSUE #3, and the N3XT L3V3L Futurenatural. Adidas has some noteworthy technology integrated into their shoes as well, such as Boost cushioning and Lightweight cushioning. Adidas basketball shoes are often some of the most comfortable options on the market, which many basketball players enjoy in addition to the appealing looks of the shoes themselves. All in all, Adidas has made an impact on the basketball shoe game and is trending up.

Under Armour
Coming in at number three on the list is Under Armour. Under Armour is fairly new to the basketball shoe game since they joined the game in 2010. The brand is highlighted by signature NBA players such as Stephen Curry and Joel Embiid. In fact, Under Armour has developed the “Curry” brand, which revolves around Stephen Curry and his signature shoes, and attracts basketball players who emulate their game after the greatest shooter of all time. 

The biggest appeal to Under Armour basketball shoes is the constant innovation and use of new technology. Under Armour basketball shoes have featured the most unique technology in basketball shoes: Clutchfit upper material, HOVR cushioning, Flow Cushioning, Micro G cushioning, and Warp upper material. This wide variety of technology, seemingly improves year in and year out, therefore offering basketball players with a multitude of options and something to look forward to as each shoe releases. The brand features popular models such as the Curry 8 and UA Spawn 3. All in all, Under Armour basketball shoes are characterized by careful craftsmanship and innovation.

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The only reason Puma is at the bottom of this list is because it is the newest brand to the shoe game. The brand is highlighted by the NBA’s youngest up-and-coming stars such as Lamelo Ball, RJ Barret, and Michael Porter Jr. The brand has embraced its recent entry into the basketball shoe game by sponsoring the youngest players in the league, in hopes of rising to the top of the basketball shoe market as these rookie athletes rise to the top of their game. 

Puma’s basketball shoes feature technology such as ProFoam cushioning, NITRO cushioning, and FUZION FIT + lockdown system. The brand’s most popular shoe models are the RS Dreamer, a model developed by rapper and hooper J. Cole, and the Fusion Nitro Spectra. All in all, Puma is an intriguing brand in the basketball shoe market characterized by a mix of flashiness and performance, so keep an eye out for what they release in the future.

Source: Complex 

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