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March 16, 2017

Top 5 Motivational Movies for Student-Athletes

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Motivation and inspiration are key to succeeding in anything you do. For student-athletes, one of the key motivations is playing your sport at the college of your choice. Going through the recruiting process can feel a lot like riding a rollercoaster. So what do you do when you’re going down? It’s time to find inspiration. Inspiration can come from your coaches or your teammates that have done what you hope to do, but another way is to escape from your reality into another one on the big screen.

Watching inspirational sports movies is a great way to see your dreams played out in front of you. You can watch the characters struggle, put their all into their sport and academics, and find a way to succeed. While the storyline may not always capture your life, there will always be some similarities that you can grasp onto. Watch these five movies and learn how you can make your dreams a reality.


Rudy tells the story of a boy with a dream. That dream is to play football for Notre Dame, however, there are multiple challenges in the way, the biggest being his academics. Rudy gets into a junior college where he works hard to improve his grades which finally gets him accepted into Notre Dame in his last semester of eligibility. He struggles as a walk on, but perseveres with a great attitude and never ending drive which allows him to make a sack as a Notre Dame football player. Rudy shows the importance that should be placed on academics as well as the impact that a great attitude can have on a coach and a team. You don’t have to be the best athlete, but you should always improve the things that are in your control: attitude, drive, and hard work.


Miracle is the story of the underdogs. From day one, the players picked for the United States National Hockey Team know that their goal is to beat the Soviets; however, not many people believe they can. They get knocked down a few times before they pick themselves up and win four Olympic Tournament games in a row to go head to head against the Soviets. The Americans play the best game of their lives; even injured players are coming in to make a huge impact. This teamwork leads to the biggest upset in sports history as the Americans beat the Soviets. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re reaching too high because there is no mountain that you can’t climb if you put your best foot forward. The recruiting process can be long and difficult, but with hard work and good support, anything can happen. “Do you believe in miracles?”

The Rookie

The Rookie is centered around Jim Morris, a skilled pitcher that did not have the chance to play baseball in high school. He finally got his break when he was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers, but he hurt his shoulder almost immediately. The movie follows his story of moving on with his life while never truly giving up on his dream. Jim tries out one final time for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and gets assigned to their minor league team. The movie ends on an uplifting note where Jim gets called up to the majors and strikes a batter out. This movie is the ultimate motivator for those that must overcome the struggles that injuries can present. While you may have to work a little harder to get back to where you were, injuries are not the end of the world. It’s how you come back from an injury that matters.

A League of Their Own

In A League of Their Own, Major League Baseball is struggling for funding, so they decide to create a women’s league to help curve the costs. The women’s league is initially treated as a joke, and the owner’s biggest focus is their uniforms: skirts and busty tops. They start to play as a team and prove their skills which increases their fan base. Their final World Series game sells out and convinces the men to support the league. No matter the reason, no one ever wants to be underestimated all the time. Use your difference to your advantage. Don’t let anyone’s preconceived notions of your skills get in the way of performing the way you know you can. There’s no better feeling than hearing that a college coach told your travel ball coach that you were too short right before you hit a home run. Prove them wrong!

Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans is about a high school football team in Virginia experiencing desegregation for the first time. With their new head coach being African American, the players and coaches must open their minds in order to be successful. The team goes on a training trip where they are forced to learn about each other’s lives to help them become a more cohesive unit. Upon return, the realities of integration create an obstacle for the team to overcome together. Despite their racial boundaries, the team does the mere impossible and becomes undefeated state champions. While struggles and differences may come up, being able to rely on your teammates can allow dreams to come true. It’s important to keep in mind that you and your teammates are going through this together. It’ll be much easier to get through the hard times when you have your teammates behind you. So, try not to let your competitive side get in the way of your relationships and know that it’s okay to ask for help.

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