Top 5 Division II Football Stadiums

Football stadiums are the icon of every college. They are a place to show school spirit and support for your team. They are a place to relax with friends at the end of a long week or to tailgate before and after the game. Each school and team shows their personality through their stadiums, making them all excellent. But which ones are the best? We’ve chosen the top 5 DII football stadiums for you to enjoy.

  1. University of West FloridaBlue Wahoo Stadium 

Home Team: West Florida Argonauts
Year Opened: 2016 for football games
Capacity: 5,100
Fun Fact: A multi-use stadium, the Blue Wahoo Stadium was originally built for baseball, until the Argonauts played their inaugural football season there in 2016
Notable Alumni: Anas Hasic

The home of the Argonauts is right on the Pensacola Bay, making it an easy choice for one of our top Division II stadiums. It has a capacity of 5,100. It is also a multi-use facility, so you can catch a baseball game here as well.

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  1. Pittsburg State University – Carnie Smith Field

Home Team: Pittsburg State Gorillas
Year Opened: 1923
Capacity: 7,950
Fun Fact: Also referred to as “The Pitt” and “The Jungle”
Notable Alumni: John Brown and Ralph Earhart

Known as “The Jungle,” Carnie Smith Field was originally built in 1923 and has been a staple in Division II Football. With it’s new jumbotron nicknamed the “The Jungletron” and a capacity close to 8,000, it is still one of the premier places to play.

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  1. West Texas A&M University – Buffalo Stadium

Home Team: West Texas A&M Buffalos
Year Opened: 2019
Capacity: 12,000
Fun Fact: Named number 1 DII stadium by D2Football
Notable Alumni: Demontre Moore and Trayveon Williams

One of newest stadiums in Division II football, built in 2019 the stadium is able to hold up to 12,000 including several suites. It has to argue with size and pristine condition of Buffalo Stadium.

  1. Humboldt State UniversityRedwood Bowl

Home Team: Humboldt State Lumberjacks
Year Opened: 1946
Capacity: 8,000
Fun Fact: This stadium, surrounded by redwood trees, sits in a forest oasis
Notable Alumni: Dave Harper and Alex Cappa

Placed in what feels like the middle of the forest, the appropriately named “Redwood Bowl” is one of the most iconic places to play at any level of the game. The Lumberjacks Football team has played here since 1946 when they played against the Stanford JV team. 

  1. Grand Valley State University – Lubber Stadium

​​Home Team: Grand Valley State Lakers
Year Opened: 1973
Capacity: 10,444
Fun Fact: Previously known as the “Lakers Stadium”
Notable Alumni: Jeff Chadwick and Keyonta Marshall

This giant of a Division II stadium can hold over 10,000 on gameday (with plans to expand to 20,000 seats) to watch the 4-time National champions, Lakers. Not only are they massive in terms of capacity but they are also home to the largest jumbotron in Division 2 sports. 

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