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September 2, 2021

3 Tips on How to Get off the Bench

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“Stay patient, be positive and your time will come”

Becoming a college athlete is, in itself, a very exciting accomplishment. However, some of the excitement fades away when you don’t get the playing time you were hoping for. 

To help you get over this challenge, LRT sports put together 3 tips to get off the bench and earn your sought-after playing time.

  1. Remember what mistakes you’ve made and seek to overcome them
  2. Be eager to learn and volunteer during training: there’s always more to learn
  3. Stay persistent on growing your skills and yourself as a player 

Following these steps will help improve you as an athlete, but will also show commitment and initiative to your coaches. They see these as characteristics of a good team player, and will appreciate you for taking these actions.

Good luck, and don’t forget why you play the sport in the first place!