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The huddle

March 10, 2018 Tara Sires

The Sky’s the Limit but Why Stop There? We Can Help You Realize Your Dreams!

The college athletics recruiting process in the United States allows college coaches to add future student-athletes to their roster every season. Once a student-athlete has been selected by a coach, they may be given an athletic scholarship. It is the dream of every high-school college athlete to land an athletic scholarship at the top colleges in the country. Here at Locker Room Talk, we take the dreams of future student-athletes seriously and have made an online platform that simplifies the college recruiting process for them.

The recruiting process is confusing and overwhelming for a lot of students and their parents, as they are often faced with a host of college offers. We believe in the potential of all student-athletes, and strive to help them realize their dreams. Our staff is committed to helping everyone realize their potential and seal their move in their dream school!

Reach for the Sky with The Princeton Review & Locker Room Talk

It’s not an easy task to impress the top colleges in the country, but The Princeton Review aims to give everyone a helping hand to improve their chances. They have been helping students and their families get comprehensive academic help for more than 30 years. The Princeton Review has helped thousands of student-athletes unlock their potential and seal their move into their dream school.

Here at Locker Room Talk, we know how important it is to get noticed during the college recruiting process, and that’s why we have teamed up with The Princeton Review. We want to give more power to student-athletes and provide them with all the help they need to become future superstars. It doesn’t matter how skillful or gifted an athlete is, we want to help unearth potential star athletes that will change the dynamics of sports in their respective fields.

Easing Through the Field with A Collaborative Effort

The advantage we aim to bring with our collaborative effort with The Princeton Review is to give a voice to all student-athletes to help them ease through the college search process. Our joint venture will include organizing seminars and provide consulting services to high-school student-athletes. Students will get assistance with both the academic and athletic side of college recruiting with Locker Room Talk helping put student-athletes in touch with the best college coaches and The Princeton Review providing abundant academic support and resources with everything from Algebra help to test preparation.

Our aim is to help prepare high school student-athletes for the college recruiting process. We are confident in our ability to help give student-athletes the best chance to get into their dream schools and change their future through a partnership with the single aim of helping future students get recruited into their dream college.


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