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May 28, 2020

Syracuse University Athletic Facilities

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We are going to step inside of Syracuse University’s women’s lacrosse complex. You will get to see their locker room and some legends who played for the team, the film room, and the training room. Manley Field House, a multi-purpose arena that opened in 1962, is where the Syracuse men’s and women’s basketball teams, women’s volleyball and indoor track teams compete.

For those high school student-athletes who live across the country or want to embark on virtual tours, here is a peek of some of Syracuse’s athletic facilities. 

Fun Facts about Syracuse

  • Mascot: Otto the Orange
  • Fight Song: Down the Field
  • An NCAA on-campus record crowd of 35,446 fans watched the then-undefeated Syracuse beat Duke 91-89 in a February 2014 overtime game
  • You can’t mention Syracuse without talking about their lacrosse. The men’s lacrosse team has won 15 national titles. 
  • Syracuse is in the Atlantic Coast Conference.
  • Men’s basketball won three overall claimed National Championships and one NCAA Tournament championship
  • Carmelo Anthony, a Syracuse alumni, is a two-time Olympic gold medalist, eight-time NBA All-Star, and six-time All-NBA selection
  • Syracuse’s motto is Suos Cultores Scientia Coronat, meaning knowledge crowns those who seek her
  • The Orange soccer program was founded in 1996, and the distinguished April Kater was the first head coach