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Social Media Rules for Athletic Recruits

Social media is a great tool for student-athletes to showcase their talent to their peers and coaches for the schools they hope to play for. With this comes a great deal of responsibility when using social media platforms. In this article, we will discuss four helpful rules when using social media as a student athlete.

Don’t put other teams down
other teams down on social media is a red flag for coaches because it shows poor sportsmanship and maturity. Focus on posting about yourself and/or your team.

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Showcase your personality
Use your social media to showcase who you are outside of sports. This lets coaches gauge your character and what you can bring to their program and team dynamic.

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Be wary of the posts you like and accounts you follow
The posts you like and accounts you follow can easily be tracked and can reflect your character to coaches.

Content on the internet can never be permanently deleted
If you ever doubt whether you should post something – don’t post it! Content on the internet always sticks around. Even when you think it’s deleted it can always come back to haunt you later in your career.

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