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Scholarships | Quick Guide to DIII Scholarships

Every college and division differs in scholarships and financial aid- DIII operates under entirely different rules. At the DIII level, there are no athletic scholarships, only academic scholarships, and financial aid.  

Just because there aren’t athletic scholarships, it doesn’t mean that the athletes are left to their own devices. Around 75% of student-athletes receive some sort of merit or need-based financial aid.

The amount of aid one receives is based on a student’s academic success- high school GPA, SAT/ACT score, and the finances of the parents. Financial aid considers how much money the parents make, how much they owe in loans, what kind of assets they have, and if they are responsible for children.

DIII schools all set their own admission standards, and each school is different from another. When looking at schools, it is important to check the standards of every school to ensure you are prepared. 

Most schools will require you to submit a summary of your academics- official transcripts, test scores, etc.- and of your families, finances before any aid is awarded. Once aid is granted, it is up to the student to accept, decline, or appeal to some schools. Not all schools allow you to appeal, and if one does, more financial records and summaries will be necessary. 

Playing DIII gives students a better opportunity to balance academics and athletics, and DIII athletics boasts around a 90% academic success rate year after year. Not to say that the athletics won’t be competitive, but still, the focus is more so on the student being a student rather than an athlete. 

In DIII, there are over 180,000 student-athletes from a variety of 448 different schools. Of that, the average enrollment at the schools is 2,600, and the average number of varsity sports teams is 18. Around ¼ of the student body participates in NCAA sports.  

Participating in any realm of NCAA sports is an unbelievable experience and one that any athlete should cherish. Each division in the NCAA, as well as each school, is unique, and there is the perfect school for every athlete- but some hard work is required.

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