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The huddle

September 7, 2016

Recruiting Horror Stories: My Name is Not Jason

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I was making a recruiting overnight visit to a NESCAC school for lacrosse. The coach had showed a decent amount of interest in having me apply early decision with his support and play for the team should I get into the school. I arrived at the school in the afternoon on a Friday and went to meet with the coach. He immediately addressed me as Jason which is not my name. I corrected him that first time yet he continued to call me Jason over and over again at least 5 or 6 more times, with me correcting him time and time again and him apologizing each time. This threw me off to say the least. I was then introduced to my host for the night who was a nice guy and brought me to the dining hall for dinner right away. He had something he said he needed to do after dinner so he gave me his number and left me with a friend of his who played hockey.

Once my host left, I went with the hockey player to his dorm where we hung out with other hockey players. After about three hours of not hearing anything from my host or any other lacrosse player I texted my host who replied saying he didn’t feel well and was going to try and sleep. I ended up spending my overnight recruiting visit for lacrosse with the hockey team and not meeting a single player on the lacrosse team other than the player who was supposed to be hosting me. Needless to say I began pursuing other schools much more seriously.

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