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The huddle

May 26, 2016

Recruiting Horror Story: Is This the Real Letter of Intent?

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Tackling an official visit is an important and nerve-wracking experience. You are thrown into unfamiliar territory with a stranger, an array of potential teammates and not to mention…coaches. The goal is to impress them, as theirs is to impress you. If something goes wrong it could potentially ruin your chances of going to that school, or maybe even others. Needless to say, making sure things go as smoothly as possible is one of the main focuses on an overnight visit. Here is one recruiting horror story where a “letter of intent” was taken a little bit too literally.

One season, we hosted a recruit on a Wednesday. We were on thin ice already because we were punished the year before from going out with recruits too aggressively, but we weren’t going to let a Wednesday night stop us this year. After more than a couple drinks with our recruit, a teammate created and printed a fake ‘letter of intent’ to give to the recruit as a joke. He presented the LOI to the recruit in a very serious tone and informed him that he had to sign the LOI right then and there in order to attend the school. The recruit was in disbelief and in the heat of the moment shouted ‘I love the school anyway, I’ll do it!’ At 3:00 am, everyone cheered, he signed the fake letter of intent, and in his mind was committed. The next morning, he headed towards the coach’s office with red eyes, messy hair and an old shirt from a teammate that had the school’s athletics on it. Once the recruit arrived, the coach knew something was off. After the recruit left the coach called one of the current players and said ‘he puked, didn’t he…’ which was exactly what happened. Not only did this happen, but the recruit also had to call some of the students at the school to make sure that he hadn’t actually signed a true LOI.

Where is this recruit now? He attended the college, played on the team and loved every second of his experience!