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Unsung Heroes
3 Basketball Underdogs Who Surprised Us All

By Dylan Tehada|November 22, 2021

March Madness epitomizes everything sports. It is about the dramatic upsets and the rise of unsung heroes. The unpredictability of this college basketball tournament has captured the hearts of many...

2 Ways to Qualify for a Redshirt Year

By Noah Fisher|November 22, 2021

There are a lot of unfamiliar terms when entering the college recruiting process. One of the most common is “redshirt.”  Originating from the color of shirt worn by said players...

Freshman Story
Lexy Denaburg, All-American as a Freshman

By Anna Garrett|November 19, 2021

Lexy Denaburg is a sophomore beach volleyball player at UCLA from Merritt Island, FL. Lexy made her college debut in the 2021 season playing as a freshman on the number...

How To Negotiate
3 Tips to Negotiate for a Higher Scholarship

By Brendan Duffy|November 19, 2021

When being recruited to play a sport, whether it is Division 1 or 2, NAIA, or JuCo, you will (hopefully!) be getting an athletic scholarship. This week, we talked about...

Recruiting Action Items
5 Tips on NAIA Recruiting

By Dylan Tehada|November 19, 2021

There is a lot of advice out there about recruiting for NCAA schools, but the same does not apply for the lesser-known NAIA. The NAIA is a college athletic organization...

Contacting Coaches
4 Tips to Stay in Touch with Coaches During the Recruiting Process

By Madison Machado|November 18, 2021

After you have made initial contact with your college coaches, it is crucial to stay in touch during the remainder of the recruiting process. But, this can be tricky.  The...

How to Win
Rutgers University Wrestler, Nick Suriano, on Persistence to Become a Champion

By Jimmy Criscione|November 18, 2021

Nick Suriano is from Paramus, NJ, and attended Bergen Catholic High School in Oradell, NJ. Nick produced one of the greatest high school wrestling careers of all time. He captured...

Athlete-tested protein Smoothie

By LRT Sports Staff|November 18, 2021

As an athlete, my favorite way to start they day was with either banana-peanut butter toast, or a protein smoothie – both high protein choices after my morning run and...

We Need to Talk about Male Athletes’ Mental Health

By Celeste Gutierrez|November 17, 2021

It’s easy to think that we’ve come a long way when it comes to mental health, therapy, and openly communicating about our feelings. It’s not so taboo anymore to go...

Pros and Cons of Being a Walk-On Athlete

By Isaac Haney|November 17, 2021

It’s disheartening to finish up your senior year of high school without any offers to play your sport at the next level. Perhaps you’ve received a few offers, or had...

International Students
DIY Student Visa for International Athletes

By Carlos Carrera|November 17, 2021

International students who hope to attend college and play their sport in the United States must apply for an F1, M1, or J1 student visa. The application process must be...

Talk to Your Coach
How to Reach out to Your Coach When You’re Struggling

By Christie Ackendorf|November 16, 2021

Sometimes you will have a coach that doesn’t exactly share your personal values or beliefs, and other times you will have the most ideal coach. These are both okay. Throughout...

How To Negotiate
When to Ask Your Coach for a Higher Scholarship

By Noah Fisher|November 16, 2021

One of the biggest stressors for college athletes is money. Athletes can feel unsure how to handle their financial aid from the school, and sometimes you might feel like you...

SAT Test
Recruiting Horror Stories™: I Had to Schedule my SAT in another State because of COVID

By Dylan Tehada|November 16, 2021

**Recruiting Horror Stories™ are posted every Tuesday to provide athletes’ first-hand experiences of what can go wrong during the recruiting process. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic instilled uncertainty and doubt...

Student Loans Survival Guide

By Brayden Koch|November 15, 2021

Being a college athlete can be challenging when it comes to balancing all your responsibilities. One of the most important of which is juggling money, especially student loans. Worry no...

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