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Need to Know NLI Signing Dates

Tomorrow, November 10th marks our first official NLI signing date! In honor of the occasion, the NCAA posted ALL of their signing dates, by sport, division, and early vs. regular signing periods. 

November 10th marks the beginning of the early signing period for basketball, but also for all other DI and DII sports (except football). The early signing period for basketball closes November 17th, but the signing period for all other DI and DII sports lasts until August 1st, 2022. So, if you’re in this category, you have a lot more time to make your decision.

While it’s good to take your time when making this decision, many athletes may want to sign early to guarantee their spot on the team!

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If you have friends or teammates who are signing, make sure to congratulate them and be there for the signing if you can! If you are signing an NLI yourself tomorrow, this is a big day for you!

December 15th marks the beginning of the next big signing period: football. Unlike basketball players, football players only have two days to sign early, with the signing period ending December 17th. However, if you are a junior college transfer, rather than a new college athlete, your signing period will last one whole month, until January 15th.

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February 2nd is the opening of football’s regular signing period. Any football players who didn’t sign early get their second chance here. Division I players can sign up to April 1st, but Division II players have more time to decide, with their signing period open until August 1st, 2022. 

April 13th basketball players get their second chance to sign. This regular signing period continues through May 18th.

This is a lot to remember, but the NCAA’s graphic is a really handy summary of all of these signing dates. If you miss the early signing period, it’s not the end of the world. It’s more important to make sure you choose the right school than to sign early.

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