3 Mental Wellness Tips for Athletes

Edited by Jaime Evers

We here at LRT Sports know just how important it is for athletes to maintain their mental wellness. So, we gathered research and put together these 3 tips for improving your mental health, plus a bonus quote from University of Kentucky’s Rhyne Howard!

  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day
    • Getting enough sleep helps maintain healthy blood pressure, improve reflexes, and reduce stress.

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  • Care for your physical injuries
    • Caring for physical injuries can include everything from injury prevention, to taking time to get treatment when needed.

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  • Learn how to deal with stress
    • Dealing with stress involves learning healthy coping mechanisms, finding friends and hobbies outside of your sport, and learning to enjoy and laugh at the little things. Laughter can boost immune system, ease pain, and reduce stress

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* Originally published on August 27, 2021, by Jacob Lewis

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