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January 23, 2020

Men’s Hockey | NCAA DII & DIII Men’s Hockey Recruiting Rules

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The NCAA DII recruiting rules are not as strict as the DI rules.

Can be done any time

  • Recruits can receive material that is non-recruiting, camp brochures/information, questionnaires, and non-athletic recruiting publications by the NCAA.
  • Recruits are permitted to schedule unofficial visits at any time.

June 15 after Sophomore Year

  • Coaches can begin contacting recruits by phone, email, text message, and direct messaging and social media such as Twitter.
  • You may have off-campus communication at your school or home with coaches.
  • Recruits and coaches can schedule official recruiting visits.

NCAA DIII Hockey Recruiting Rules

NCAA DIII recruiting rules have the least stringent rules. This applies to all DIII sports.

Any time 

  • No restrictions on when recruiting materials can be sent to athletes.
  • All contact between coaches and recruits is permitted at any time.
  • Recruits are allowed an unlimited number of unofficial visits at any time.

After Sophomore Year

  • Off-campus communication between an athlete and coaches can begin following the athlete’s sophomore year.

January 1 of Junior Year

  • Recruits can schedule official visits to a campus; they may meet with the college coach to discuss recruiting.

Resource: NCAA.org