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LRT Sports and CrampsAWAY – The Perfect Team!

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Smart student-athletes do their “homework” before choosing a college or university sports program – and that’s where LRT Sports nails it! But the smartest future champions also have a competitive advantage in every game or race: At top-ranked schools across the country, athletes trust all-natural, non-pharmaceutical CrampsAWAY products to stop muscle cramps instantly, or even prevent cramps from happening in the first place!

Whether you’re a 300-pound linemen or a 100-pound gymnast, CrampsAWAY Pro and CrampsAWAY Sport will help eliminate the worry of cramps so that you can compete at your highest level every time.

How do CrampsAWAY Products Work?

To begin with, forget what the “experts” have told you for years about dehydration or bad nutrition being the sole cause of muscle cramps. While a lack of fluids can definitely contribute to cramping, CrampsAWAY’s research team discovered (after years of studying high-performing athletes) that the root cause of cramps was actually a neuromuscular problem: During exercise, the brain sends a signal to the muscle to constrict, and then release. But sometimes, that signal can get corrupted…so the muscle stays constricted (i.e., cramped). Ouch!!!

What to do when you feel that “oh-no” cramping coming on? Just grab a packet of CrampsAWAY, swish it in your mouth for 30 seconds, and swallow, and…voila! CrampsAWAY’s patented formula begins to stimulate nerve receptors on your tongue the instant you take a swig. These receptors (which are also located throughout your gut) slow down and then STOP that nerve firing at the muscular level…so your cramp’s gone in no time!

For most athletes, CrampsAWAY Sport eliminates cramps in a matter of seconds. If you’re a bigger athlete competing in a more rigorous sport, CrampsAWAY PRO – which is 25 percent stronger than CrampsAWAY Sport – is the choice of NCAA teams across the U.S. And here’s the cool part: CrampsAWAY Pro is NSF Certified for Sport, meaning it’s 100% safe and all-natural; You’ll never have to worry about testing positive for PEDs or other banned substances.

CrampsAWAY: The Winners’ Choice

So when you’re making choices about your future athletic program, don’t forget to make an equally important choice: Take CrampsAWAY products with you – and make sure you’re always in the game!