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LRT Sports | Top Summer Baseball Showcases for 2018

It is important to put yourself out there so you can get on a coach’s radar. Here are some baseball showcases that you should think about attending next year. The data that we are showing is for the summer of 2018.

1. Selectfest Baseball


  1. Invitation only
  2. ~650 applicants and ~150 players accepted
  3. Online application on their website (www.selectfestbaseball.org/how-players-are-selected)
  4. How to Apply: Coaches recommendations accepted, Contact Information, Academic Stats (GPA, ACT, SAT), Baseball Information (Coach contact info, primary and secondary position, summer team info), Personal (height, weight, bat hand, throw hand).
  5. Application Review Process: Reviewed by SelectFest Baseball coaches and scouts and results of the application are sent out via email.


      1. Pro-Style Skills Showcase    
      2. 60 yard-dash
        1. Positional defensive workouts with throwing from your position (OF and IF)
        2. Batting Practice on Field
        3. Pitcher throw 5-7 pitches off the mound
        4. Catcher throw to 2B and record pop times
      3. Game Days
        1. Umpires in attendance
        2. Score recorded
        3. Legitimate games with scouts in attendance

Programs and Scouts in Attendance

      1. 2017 Examples
        1. Coastal Carolina, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, Davidson College, Dickinson College, Kean University, Lafayette College, Marist College, Penn State University, Rutgers University, Tufts University, St. John Fisher College, William & Mary University, and many more (https://www.selectfestbaseball.org/coaches-in-attendance).


      1. Metal/molded cleats, baseball pants, glove, BBCOR bats, snack, and drink.
      2. Cost
        1. $250 per player
        2. Non-refundable
      3. Alumni
        1. Since 1994 there have been over 1800 SelectFest alumni that have moved on to play collegiate baseball.
        2. On average, there are 15 SelectFest alumni drafted in the MLB draft per year.
        3. Some notable alumni that have made it to the MLB
          1. Rick Porcello, RHP Boston Red Sox
            1. Rd. 1, Pk. 27, career 126-101, 3.59 ERA, 3rd in ROY voting in 2009, won the 2016 American League Cy Young Award.
          2. Todd Frazier, 3B New York Mets
            1. Rd. 1, Pk. 34, career .245 BA, 180 HR, 519 RBI, 3rd in ROY voting in 2012, 2-time American League All-Star, won MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby in 2015 in Cincinnati.
          3. Steven Matz, LHP New York Mets
          4.   1. Rd. 2, career 17-19, 3.88 ERA, 6th in ROY voting in 2016.

2. Frazier Elite World Series


      1. Team Showcase

        1. Team registration is done through an application on the website, an invitation sent out.
          1. 108 teams reported registered as of 5/15 from 15U to 18U.
        2. Teams play games in a tournament format in front of scouts.
        3. Tournament is wood bat for 16U and 18U.
        4. Between 5 and 20 scouts per game on average.
        5. To make it to the World Series, teams must make it to the championship game of their qualifier tournament (https://www.usabl.com/frazierelitews18).
      2. Schedule
        1. Dependent on the number of teams that are in the tournament.
        2. In terms of the time of game and location of the game in Toms River, NJ.

Programs in Attendance

      1. Villanova University, Rutgers University, Marist College, Penn State University, Chicago Cubs, Utica College, Columbia University, Milwaukee Brewers, etc.


      1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQqFQnSk1gU


      1. Partnered with Ramada Inn @ 2373 Rte., Toms River, NJ 08755.
        1. 10% off booking for the weekend of the tournament.
        2. The website provides a booking link as well as client code for discounted booking.
      2. Metal cleats, glove, food, drink, normal tournament style
      3. Cost (per-team)
        1. Several Packages (all 7-inning games)
          1. 1-Day, 2-game minimum
            1. $460
          2. Traditional, 3-game minimum
            1. $705
          3. 4-game minimum
            1. $955

3. Beaver County Colt League Showcase (hosted by Prep Baseball Report)


      1. Position Player Workout
        1. Stretch/ Warm-Up
        2. Defensive Evaluation
          1. Throwing from position, ground balls/fly balls at position
          2. Scouted and filmed for PBR profile
        3. Running
          1. 60 yard-dash
          2. Laser Time
        4. Batting Practice
          1. On-field BP
          2. Filmed for PBR profile
      2. Pitcher Workout
        1. Stretch/ Warm-Up
        2. Bullpen
          1. Filmed for PBR profile
        3. Catcher Evaluation
          1. Simultaneous with Pitcher bullpens


      1. PBR has over 700 collegiate coaches and programs with subscriptions to their content giving them access to every player profile in the system (https://www.prepbaseballreport.com/pennsylvania-store/beaver-county-colt-league-scout-day.html)
        1. All players who attend BCCL Pro Day get a PBR Profile on the PBR website
          1. Headshot, PBR dri-fit shirt, verified statistics, scouting report, ranking
        2. Players who perform well will earn individual invitations to PBR invite-only regional, state, and national events.
      2. Cost
        1. Online Registration
          1. $100 per position player
          2. $100 per pitcher
          3. $125 per position player/pitcher

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