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July 17, 2017

Locker Room Talk Awarded Hudl 100: Highlighting Key Players in Sports & Technology

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We are honored and excited to be on Hudl 100.


From youth sports to the highest levels of competition, Hudl has helped teams and athletes win by providing them with the tools to improve. What Hudl learned over the past decade is that the sports community is brimming with stories of triumph and inspiration. But these stories aren’t exclusive to professional franchises and senior national teams.

To spotlight these achievements, Hudl profiled 100 individuals, teams, and organizations that have recently made a significant impact in at least one of the following principles they most value:  

  1. Educate – you help teams and athletes improve through instruction.
  2. Celebrate – you publicly acknowledge successes achieved through sports.
  3. Inspire –  you motivate the sports community to take a desired action.

Locker Room Talk’s mission is to help educate student-athletes on the recruiting process. We want to make the process an honest and easy one. We are committed to helping you!

Keirsten Sires

CEO & Co-founder


Source: www.hudl.com