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October 19, 2016

What the Locker Room Means to Me

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The phrase “a successful team beats with one heart” greets me each day at the front of the Bucknell University women’s track and field locker room. Track and field has the innate tendency to be divided into smaller segments because of the variety of events within the sport. It’s difficult for a long distance runner to have the same practice as a high jumper, shot put thrower or a 400 hurdler. The technical difficulties are entirely different. When I enter the locker room and “a successful team beats with one heart” is the first thing I see, it reminds me of what a remarkable team we truly are.

Before each practice, I do not have the opportunity to relax with my teammates. What helps me switch gears to get ready for an action packed practice is looking forward to interacting with them at the end.

What comforts me is knowing we all share a common ground and are there to support and cheer one another on. At the end of the day, we are all going to be putting on the same uniform in the locker room and competing with the same heart. We have an undeniable bond; we are sisters. I would not trade that for anything.

The locker room is a daily reminder that we are all here for the same reason, that reason is to be the best that we can be when we are out on that track. I know I can depend on every girl that walks into the Bucknell track and field locker room, and what truly resonates is the phrase “a successful team beats with one heart!”