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Ice Hockey | Syracuse Men’s Ice Hockey Player Adam Bedford Interview

#18 Adam Bedford

Forward, 6’0

Class: Junior

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Before SU: Graduated from Mira Costa High School…Played for the Los Angeles Jr. Kings AAA…Boston Bandits EHL…Trine University NCAA.

At SU: Member of 2018-19 team…25 total games played…ESCHL Champion 2019.

I will be hosting an interview between myself, Sam [Syracuse women’s Lacrosse player], and Adam Bedford Syracuse D1 Men’s Ice hockey player, Adam Bedford. 

Sam: Hey Adam, thank you so much for taking the time to do an interview with me and LRT Sports! 

Adam: Sure, thanks to coronavirus I got nothing all day (laughed)

Sam: How does it feel to be part of the Syracuse Men’s Ice hockey team? Tell us about the culture and the team vibes all around. 

Adam: Being a part of the Syracuse ice hockey team is an experience that I cherish every day. Being able to play the sport I love while representing a University is a surreal feeling. The culture of the team is what makes Syracuse hockey so special. We have guys from all over the country come together into one locker room, creating memories everyday. Many of us took gap years after high school to play Prep/Junior hockey, which is completely normal for most, if not all, college hockey players. A lot of these Junior teams are in small towns in the middle of nowhere, having us live with host families, which create great stories. When we arrive at Syracuse, a lot of us have already lived away from home for a year or two. A few of which maybe even played in the same junior league or played against each other. The experiences we all have before Syracuse are very similar to each other, so it creates an immediate bond right off the bat because of how much we can relate to each other. We know when to have fun but also know when to focus and work. The vibe of the team is goofy. We have a few guys who think they can be both a hockey player and a comedian. Overall, the group of guys we got make Syracuse hockey what it is, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Sam: Awesome! When and how did you start playing?

Adam: I started skating at three years old and began playing hockey at five years old. I started playing because my older sister was a figure skater, and I was exposed to ice skating at a very young age, which led me to take up hockey eventually.

Sam: Nice. What position do you play?

Adam: Forward, right-wing

Sam: moving on, What players do you look up to?

Adam: I look up to Anze Kopitar, who plays center for the LA Kings and Alexander Ovechkin from the Washington Capitals.

Sam: If any, do you have any pre-game rituals?

Adam: As far as pre-game rituals go, I have a few. I always get dressed with my left side before my right. For example, left shin pad before right and tying my left skate before the right. I leave my stick in the trash can in the locker room while getting dressed to give me good luck for the “garbage goals.” Lastly, I always make sure I get two games of soccer in during off ice warm-ups. 

Sam: How do you work out and prepare for your season, when there’s not a rink around?

Adam: Being an exercise science major and certified personal trainer, both off the ice and ice-training, are very important to me. Due to COVID 19, closing all ice rinks, my initial training has been impacted. I stick handle with a golf ball for 20 minutes 3 times a day and shoot pucks. I am blessed to have a gym at home with weights to maintain my muscular strength and endurance. I have been using the extra time to focus a lot more on flexibility and mobility exercises. 

Sam: That’s funny. What kind of player are you, described in one word? For example, people say I am “Tenacious.” 

Adam: Describing my playing style in one word would be “grit.” I have always been known to go in the dirty areas and grind, block shots, and make hits. 

Sam: Can you tell me a little about your coaches. 

Adam: My coaches at Syracuse are incredible. They understand the grind that comes with being a student-athlete, which is the kind of support all college athletes need to thrive at the highest level. 

Sam: After college, do you want to do something involving ice hockey?

Adam: After college, I want to get involved in sports physical therapy for all kinds of athletes. 

Sam: Favorite part about Syracuse Ice hockey?      

Adam:  My favorite part about Syracuse ice hockey is the group of guys we have. The bond we all have is inseparable. We spend hours with each other every day, which forms a brotherhood that will last a lifetime.

Sam: Perfect! Well, that’s a wrap, that’s all I got for you! Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer a few questions for me. All right, I’ll see ya around!

Adam: Thanks Sammy, anytime.

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