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How to Make Your Soccer Bag Smell Good

Even after 18 years of playing soccer, I have not quite mastered the technique of keeping my soccer bag smelling good. It always seems after a few months my cleats, goalkeeper gloves, and shin guards have taken over the new bag smell. While it hasn’t been mastered, I can provide some steps I have taken to at least diminish the odor. 

  1. Let your equipment air out 

Getting anything that creates a smell out of your bag will not only help your bag smell better, but the equipment as well. Let everything air out until your next practice to help the odors dissipate.

  1. Put dryer sheets in your cleats, gloves, and bag 

A classic way to make anything smell better is to add a dryer sheet. Adding one to your equipment will mask the smell with something a little more fresh.

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  1. Wash your soccer bag 

An easy way to eliminate the stench is to wash whatever smells. When you don’t have practice or a game coming up, wash your bag to get it back to new. It’s important to not put your bag in the dryer, but to let it air dry. Following this, be diligent to not leave the smelly stuff in the bag again (see #3) or you’ll regularly have to wash it. 

  1. Buy a new bag

Worst case scenario: buy a new bag. This may be necessary if there is no coming back from the odor. This step may be a little harder if it’s a team issued bag, but if not, may be a last case resort. 

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