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September 8, 2021

How to Deal with Migraines as a College Athlete

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Migraines can be debilitating to anybody who experiences them, but as a college athlete, you don’t have time for migraines. They can influence your ability to practice, sleep, and eat well, and put you behind in your studies. 

Performing poorly and falling behind in school both add more stress to your life, which is a sure trigger for more migraines. So, how can you stop this cycle?

We’ve created this handy infographic, which can be printed to hang in a trainer’s room, or can just be browsed for your convenience!

It’s important to recognize first what is impacting your migraines, and what your migraines are impacting – this means being able to identify triggers, but also being able to get ahead of the cycle and communicate with your coaches, teammates, and professors. This opens up the opportunity for them to help and support you, but also to understand your situation and be patient when necessary.

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Once you’ve recognized the cause of your migraines, you can try to remedy or prevent them. Some common preventions are caffeine, hydration, and supplementation. One other factor mentioned on the infographic is supplements, specifically iron. Many athletes are already low on iron, and those who choose to become vegetarian or change their diet in another drastic way may be even more iron deficient as they eat less iron-rich foods. It’s important to analyze your whole lifestyle to identify potential triggers for your migraine, and remedy teh migraines accordingly.

Migraines like to throw a wrench in your plans, but by following these steps, you may be able to pull an uno-reverse and stop the migraines in their tracks.