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How to Build a Championship Culture

Everyone wants to play for a winning team. In order for this to happen, someone or some people had to build a winning culture within their organization.

But how?

Be Accountable

In order to have a championship culture, you need to have the champion mindset. This starts with being accountable. If you are not willing to own up to your actions, your team will not grow, improve, or succeed. Being accountable for everything you do instills a champion mindset and allows you to learn from your mistakes, and set an example for your teammates to do the same. 

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Play every game and practice as if it was your last

Having this mindset encourages everyone to give their all on every single play, drive, inning, etc. You will get the most out of everyone on your team if they have this mindset. If they have not yet developed this mindset, but you have, you would be leading by example and many people on your team will follow your lead. 

With these two simple changes, you can be well on your way to building a championship culture.

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