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January 21, 2018

Hobart College Men’s Hockey Coach Mark Taylor Offers Recruiting Advice

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Hobart College Men’s Hockey coach, Mark Taylor, continues to add to his reputation as the most successful coach in Hobart hockey history. In 17 seasons, he has accomplished a record of 270-147-42 (.634), while earning seven NCAA Tournament bids and two trips to the national semifinals.

In 16 of his 17 seasons, Coach Taylor has earned at least 10 wins and has coached 51 All-ECAC West selections, 20 All-ECAC West Rookie Team selections, four ECAC West Player of the Year winners, and 160 ECAC West All-Academic Team honorees.

A six-time finalist for the AHCA Division III Coach of the Year Award, Taylor was named the ECAC West Coach of the Year six times and has coached in the USA Hockey Development program for multiple years and mentored monthly clinics for Geneva Youth Hockey.

Taylor has college hockey coaching experience at Middlebury College, Brown University, and the University of Vermont.

Q: What is the most important quality you look for in a recruit?

A: A character person! Someone who is ethical, hardworking, a team player, highly unselfish, and is genuine.

Q: What is the best way for a recruit to get on your radar?

A: Send an email…in it be brief… include bullet point style information on academics accomplished and intentions. Athletic facts: position etc, current team, coach contact.

Q: When should an athlete contact you, what is the best way? (age, grade, time of year, email, phone, or other)

A: Email. The start of Junior year is early enough.

Q: What are your expectations for incoming players in the classroom, in the weight room, and on the ice?

A: To do the best they are capable of. Full effort. Show up, work hard, and don’t need to have your hand held or babysat.

Q: What are the do’s and don’ts of being recruited?

A: Don’t be a jerk! Be respectful and honest. Appreciate interest shown in you and be honest if you’re not interested in a program and just tell the recruiter such. Be thankful someone is interested in you.

Q: What is the best advice you can offer a recruit?

A: Stay focused on playing for and with your CURRENT team. Relax about the recruiting process.

Q: What really jumps out to you when reviewing a recruit’s highlight tape?

A: Work ethic.

Q: What are the main do’s and don’ts for a recruit’s highlight tape?

A: Do show enough of the clip to see entire play. Show a lot of your game, not just the same clips (highlights). Don’t have narrating.

Q: When do you recommend recruits put together and share their highlight reels? Is it best to make their highlight reel during offseason, in the middle of season, or after each game?

A: When they can end of their junior season and into senior season.

Q: What advice do you have for recruits who get turned down by their dream schools? What are their options if they don’t gain the recruiting attention they desire?

A: Go where you’re wanted! Your dream school will turn into a nightmare if they don’t like you.

Q: How big a factor is social media when recruiting players? What advice do you have for athletes regarding social media?

A: Big factor….if negative.


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Information courtesy of Hobart Athletics and image courtesy of Daytripper University